Victoria’s Secrets 2014 Fashion Show & Guci Image Great Lengths and SHE Hair Extensions

Victoria’s Secrets 2014 Fashion Show & Guci Image Great Lengths and SHE Hair Extensions

Having been part of the chaos that ensues from a televised ‘pop’ event show, here at Guci Image we are well aware of what might happen at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. With the added extra ‘tidbit’ of the show coming from London for the first time, and featuring this year’s musical guests Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande (to name just a few), plus the much discussed two fantasy bras being revealed this year, this show could prove to be the biggest ‘wow’ the infamous intimates brand has ever produced.

And let’s not forget the models. They V.S. ‘Angels’ will strutting the runway wearing lingerie and wings, plus a fair amount of various hats and heavy headdresses. It’s no surprise that those of us old enough to recall them instantly think of Vegas showgirls when we see what some Victoria’s Secret models have to support on their heads during their runway walk. Model Suki Waterhouse recently revealed a selfie of herself in a peacock headpiece referencing her upcoming appearance on the show!

It’s enough to give any one of us pause when considering all the care, time and product that goes into making models’ hair-and certainly their extensions-shine, bounce and look T.V. ready. The simple fact of the matter is for Victoria’s Secrets angels as for any of us, one must start from a solid secure base of healthy real extensions to ensure optimum visibility and wear no matter what might befall our heads. Surely you won’t be sporting wings, or be displaying yourself under such harsh lights, but with Guci Image’s Great Lengths” and “SHE” hair extensions you can be assured of the very best.

As our president and CEO Joseph G. Lore explains, “Performing Extensions is not a service, it’s an Art form.” We offer ‘Cold-Fusion’ attachments of our 100% Human Hair Extensions, using our patented Ultra-Sonic Eave Technology so as to eliminate the risk of damage. All this attention has earned Guci the distinction of being the leader in ‘art’ of hair extension application, care and style.

Learn about our Great Lengths and SHE extension by contacting Guci Image today. We will prepare you well for the runway of your life.

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