Willow’s Whipping

Willow’s Whipping

When one, most notably Willow Smith, can’t whip her hair around, it’s big news. As it was last week when Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s singer daughter shaved her head during a Facebook Live concert. She performed a bunch of songs, her new tune “Grow,” and the one that made her famous and prompted the shaving of her head, “Whip My Hair.”

Ah, what one can do when they sport their real hair and are young enough (Willow is 20) and have lots of the eyes of the world upon them.

Nobody other than a Guci Image technician should be cutting the hair you wear. No matter your sudden inclination or capricious whim to emulate a now-and-wow style, as we warn our clients all the time, stay clear of even the slightest DIY snip or home-coloring. (And really, with pandemic restrictions lifted, at least for right now, there is no reason not to visit Guci Image for your regular service). When we fit a client for a hair extension, wig, or CTR unit, many factors need to be considered (and then enacted) to make sure that client always leaves our NJ hair replacement salon looking the best (and sporting hair as undetectable) as possible.  But even the best-intentioned self-hair styling can belie Guci Image’s good work. 

In the end, if she cares to, Willow Smith can grow her hair back and whip it any which way she chooses. But, for all practical purposes, a Guci Image client does not have so many options with their hair. So, we work to facilitate the next best thing; hair replacement that looks, feels, and acts very much like natural hair that one could, if they wished, whip around.

And, deep in the dog days of summer as we presently are, all any of us should be concerned about is that we keep our hair as healthy as we can while subjected to chlorine, sun, and even increased sweat.

Natural hair or not. 

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