Male Baldness and The Debate Over ‘Letting It Go’

Male Baldness and The Debate Over ‘Letting It Go’

The work we do at Guci Image is based around restoring men and women’s hair as naturally as possible. In our northern NJ hair replacement salon, we are fighting balding and thinning every step of the way. A celebrity like heartthrob Noah Centineo shaving his head and showing it off across Instagram might be thought to be fun and daring, but for then, men and women losing their hair who comes to us, they want luscious locks and lots of them. And we do our best to accommodate

Still, the debate rages, as it always has, in the world of male pattern baldness specifically, whether a guy should just ‘let it go’ when his hair is going, going, gone. And stylish men, from movie stars like Patrick Stewart to owner Jeff Bezos, sport no hair and maintain a singular style doing so. The choice to wear hair is an individual one and something men, as well as women, need to consider deeply. No one around the Guci way would ever disparage those men who wish to ‘go bald,’ every person needs to choose their style, but it is our business to present an alternative, and the very best alternative we can.

Years ago, the choice to combat balding or thinning hair was certainly limited…and quite frankly, not very good. Male celebrities sporting toupées, the very best one could buy at the time, were well known by the general public to be wearing hair. ‘Letting it go’ really was not a real difficult choice consider the alternative even a few decades ago. But with technology’s raising the bar in micrografting, the whisper-thin materials used in CTR unit construction, even in implants, the choices for men who do not wish to go bald are the best they ever were and multitudinous.

Here at Guci Image, we know we offer a genuine, easily maintained, undetectable choice to ‘letting it go.’’

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