Allure Hair

The various hair replacement units, female and male extensions, type of hair even, procedures for detecting the health of hair, number in the thousands. There are so many ways to combat a thinning scalp, new techniques born daily, topical solutions as well as surgical, hair-thinning clients’ research can become a veritable tsunami of possibilities to surf through. We here at Guci Image are sympathetic to what our northern N.J. hair replacement clients face, as much in coming to care for the hair they wear as considering all the promises they hear.
Guci Image takes painstaking measures when introducing a new technique, color or cut, or materials. Our clients know that whatever the product or procedure Guci has considered, researched, reviewed, tried and tested from many sources and in many laboratory conditions, over a long period, well before offer we offer anything new to our clients. This is why we can assuredly promote our new “Allure Hair,” a product made exclusively for Guci Image.
The Allure product is made of the finest 100% Human REMY donor hair, harvested with the cuticle intact (running in the same direction). This painstaking selection process prevents the Allure Hair from matting and tangling. It also creates a soft, shiny and natural density to the hair that makes it perfect for all Guci Image procedures, from CTR replacement units, to extensions, to even our exclusive STAGES chemotherapy replacement program. Allure Hair
Whether a man or woman wish to color, cut, or perm Allure Hair, it serves every purpose as being some of the very best of what we presently offer. And offering the very best in hair replacement is precisely what Guci Image works to deliver every day. Our clients need to know that they will not only get the very best from our technicians, sale’s people and all the rest of the Guci Image staff, but also that they will find only the very best of the latest hair that is available to wear.
Allure Hair is that hair.