Alicia Keys And Her Big Change

Alicia Keys And Her Big Change

Like any other modern day haircare company, Guci Image does our best to keep up in a world of Instagram-able fashions and daily Tweeted styles. As a leader in N.J. women’s hair replacement and male hair units and non-surgical implants, we as much have to keep our eyes open for ever better hair care technologies and styles, as we look to our best and brightest celebrities when they post new styles and cuts. These men and women who are pretty much our American royalty, are trend makers and influence-rs of the highest order. One such case is musician Alicia Keys and her most recent hair style change.

Lighting across social media like a brush fire was a brand new photo Keys released this week. In it, the lady known for such hits as “Fallin’” and “My Boo,” revealed herself in a very short red hair bob. Keys, usually sporting long flowing braids or bouncy curls, is certainly mining a wholly different aesthetic with this latest cut.

Of course it is a lady’s prerogative to change her style when she wishes.

Key’s has been a champion of the #NoMakeup movement, so she might just be approaching her new cut with the same less-is-more sensibility. After a photo shoot for her last album, the singer-songwriter famously swore off worrying about wearing make-up in public. She even attend the 2018’s VMA’s and BET awards both, fresh-faced sans make-up.

In this open letter/essay on the Lenny Letter site Key’s explains her feelings about the pressure on women to conform to a certain ideal and how she feels the time is right to push back.

Whether or not Alicia Keys is following some matter-of-fact ideas about her hair care or the time had come for a new cut, certainly the world has taken notice. We hope you feel as confident to try and change up or at least approach your Guci Image hair care technician about what you might want to try next.

We should all feel free to exercise the prerogative to change the hair we wear.


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