Collagen Love

Collagen Love

Just because you wear hair doesn’t mean you get a pass to neglect the hair you have or ignore good scalp health. Doing either (or both) goes against what Guci Image stands for. Sure, we fit our clients for extensions, wigs, and male hair units; we use laser light to propagate hair growth; we perform hair replacement procedures; we offer the very best wigs available today. But we believe diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are essential to all, even if you come to us every month or so for a service.

An article published this week by Yahoo Health investigates the current trend of collagen ingestion to supposedly keep hair, skin and joints in top form. The protein has become so popular lately that the hashtag #collagen currently enjoys more than 4 billion views on TikTok. And as always is the way with something trending, collagen is now the buzzword far and near.

Collagen is an essential protein found everywhere in humans (we carry 28 different types of collagen in our bodies). The protein’s supposed anti-aging properties have led many supplement suppliers and influencers to champion it. But there are actually very few studies to prove the miraculous claims of this protein and the supposed benefits of ingesting it in powder or pill form. 

We just don’t have the science yet to determine if taking in more collagen helps in any significant way.

As we age, we encounter an increase of wrinkles across our skin, and our joints can become increasingly stiff. We can also encounter digestive problems. Loss of collagen can be targeted as the culprit to all of these normal aging signs. But the question remains: Will increasing the amount of collagen in our bodies and increasing it by ingesting the pills and powders currently on the market help us? Indeed, will our hair, no matter what hair we might still have, and our scalps, benefit from adding a collagen peptide powder to our morning coffee?

Nobody can rightly say.

Collagen or not, stay healthy; we want you around for a long time.

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