Kelly Ripa’s Hair Warning

Kelly Ripa’s Hair Warning

The ‘pandemic trend,’ of cutting one’s own bangs, is being called out by Kelly Ripa. It seems with the boredom of self-quarantining setting in, too many people are going beyond just cleaning out their closets or binging on “The Tiger King.”. But as any Guci Image customer knows, ‘do-it-yourself’ hair fixes might not always be the best idea, even if you are working over hair that is yours!

The star of morning-time juggernaut Live with Kelly and Ryan is especially vexed about the current trend. Ripa freely admits that for the Daytime Emmys in 1999, she managed a self-cut bang job. Sporting a spikey updo (complete with tiny clips), Kelly’s Emmy’s style speaks to the hairstyles of the time, but also as shutters when looking at the pictures of the event, what resulted from at-home bang cutting.

As any of our Paramus N.J. customers know, when it comes to wearing hair, ‘doing-it-yourself’ could have even more detrimental consequences. Don’t let the boredom of staying at home suddenly change what you usually do, or task your common sense. Remember, relying on the expertise of our technicians for significant changes or even the smallest adjustment is one of the things you pay us for.

As of this writing, nobody knows where COVID-19 is going to lead us. Safe, sane, and healthy responses to the current crisis are all we can hope for. And sure, in the light of a pandemic, cutting one’s bangs is another of those ‘small world’ concerns. But maybe we should all refrain from it…no matter if our hair is our own or not.

Once again, we wish everyone the very best of health, and if you happen to fall ill the Corona Virus, we hope you get help as soon as you can and see a speedy recovery. In the meantime, let us attend to that hair you wear!

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