You Can’t Un-ring A Bell: Part Two Of Angelina Jolie’s Extensions ‘Premier’

You Can’t Un-ring A Bell: Part Two Of Angelina Jolie’s Extensions ‘Premier’

As reported in our last blog (see here), actress Angelina Jolie suffered a hair mishap last week when walking the red carpet at the Rome premiere of her new movie Eternals. As this article appearing in Huffing Post this week attests, the concerns over the actress’ hair extension mishap have not abated. The Huff Post post offers some reasons why the extensions may have ended up the way they did and what could have been done better.

The result is the same, though.

‘After the fact’ solutions, what-could-have-been’s, a gonna-do-better-next time might serve a celebrity and the 24 Twitter/Instagram news cycle. We all know one story appears right on the heels of another, pretty much diffusing each story even almost as it happens (it’s a surprise the Angeline Jolie extension problem has made news another week). But the everyday hear-wearer is not afforded the chance just to wait until they come into Guci Image next time when we can make their hair right.

Nor do they have a stylist on hand to attend to their needs 24/7.

As a premier hair replacement salon in the North New Jersey area, we are in the ‘can’t un-ring a bell’ business. Meaning we don’t get a second chance with your hair. Each time you visit our Paramus salon, you must leave with your male hair replacement unit, a wig, or, yes, your extensions looking their very best. We make a longtime commitment to our Guci customers promising to use all our skills and top materials to make them look great each time they leave us.

Guci Image does not get the benefit of a second chance.

Indeed, we as much sympathize with Angelina Jolie’s stylist as with the lady herself. Having the world see (and comment) on a wardrobe mishap, weight loss or gain, or in this case, a hair styling issue that could have been avoided, is not something even the most confident of stars wants to face. At Guci Image, we can promise that none of our cadre of ‘stars’ will ever be caught in a similar hair exposure.

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