New Hair Regrowth Find?

New Hair Regrowth Find?

According to this report (and as published in Nature magazine), there has recently been a seemingly new find in hair research. A San Diego biopharmaceutical company has announced the identification of a molecule called osteopontin that has been linked to faster hair growth.

When injecting osteopontin, found in human hair moles, into hair follicles in skin grafts, researchers found that the molecule generated new hair growth. One strategy for battling hair loss would be to inject what is known as “signaling proteins” into a recipient’s scalp, activating dormant hair stem cells, and it seems osteopontin might be one of the molecules best employed for this kind of stimulation.

“Millions of people have small and large moles that grow long hair,” Maksim Plikus, Ph.D., Amplifica’s chief scientific officer, explained to Fox News Digital (see above). “Thus, molecules that are increased in such human skin moles might hold an answer for hair stem cell stimulation.”

As is often true of discoveries of this nature, finding that osteopontin could be used as a hair growth stimulant took over ten years, and many more experiments will need to be conducted before any conclusive evidence is found. And as is equally true with all these kinds of discoveries, Guci Image hopes scientists and lab researchers continue their work in the field…even if it does, indeed, often take decades to see results. 

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And, of course, all of our male hair units, lace wigs, and extensions have been vetted and consistently improved upon via research and the consistent application of science.

We are all in this fight together, no matter which way we chose to fight it.

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