Checking In With Will And Jada Two Months Later And What Alopecia Means To Guci Image

Checking In With Will And Jada Two Months Later And What Alopecia Means To Guci Image

In the nearly two months since the famous slap-hear-round-the-world. What, if anything, have we learned?

Jada Pinkett Smith, the lady with the most famous alopecia ever, has yet to address the incident. On her Red Table Talkshow, initially only an “announcement card” was put up when the show returned post the Oscar telecast. Last week teaser posts appeared on Instagram about how she addresses it all, on an upcoming episode of the show. Chris Rock is currently enjoying a standup tour where he has only ever slightly spoken about the slap, and even then, only with quick quips. Will Smith, who lost his Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science membership and has seen some sure movies he was in drop him from their cast, was reportedly in India, “healing.” 

Beyond all this celebrity watching, do we presently know any more than we did before about alopecia? Surely, Guci Image has seen a fair share of hair replacement clients who have come to us suffering from this condition. Addressing what alopecia is (see here), we offer a variety of solutions to counter it. In many cases, hair falls out in clumps but does regrow, but there are cases (seemingly like Jada’s) where it does not. At our Paramus salon, we have encountered clients with this type of alopecia, as well as the many other kinds of hair loss.

As with any client who steps into our Paramus NJ salon, we first assess the lady or man’s particular hair loss and then recommend what might be best for them to see a fuller head of hair and their confidence returned. It’s serious science-based procedures we employ as well a healthy, future relationships we encourage. And while an Oscar-night slap might get the world tittering and celebrities wondering, these two months since the Smith/Rock incident, nothing has changed for how we treat hair loss, of any kind, at Guci Image. 

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