Being ‘Woke’ By Natalia Taylor

Hair replacement facts, seeking out best (or worst) NJ salon reviews, overall hair care treatments; at Guci Image, we are forever warning our clients to do exhaustive due diligence for what they might need for the hair they come to wear. Just reading something across an online post or off some ‘influencers’ Instagram feed is… Read more »

Hair Couture At The 92nd Academy Awards

Something like the 92nd Academy Awards telecast (better known as ‘The Oscars’) certainly brings out the fashionistas. Couture, jewelry, and yes, hairstyles were on full red-carpet display and talked and tweeted about days later. From your friendly neighborhood N.J. hair replacement salon, here is what we noticed. In one of our blogs recently, we mentioned… Read more »

Our Unusual New Jersey Weather And The Hair That You Wear

Certainly, none of us living in the northern New Jersey area was expecting our January to roll into this early February while presenting such mild temperatures. As is usually the case this time of year at our Guci Image offices, we are as much scheduling clients post the holiday madness as we are keeping them… Read more »

De’Andre Arnold’s Dangerous Hair

Most Guci Image clients would admit that the ‘danger’ in wearing hair is having what they wear be undetectable. We work hard at Guci Image to fit our clients with seemingly flawless balding and thinning solutions that, for all intents and purposes, looks like their actual hair. ‘Danger’ of a different stripe, has come for… Read more »

Did Charlize Theron Just Create A New Hair Trend?

We have seen them come, and we have seen them go; hair trends blow through or Guci Image offices so often these days it’s tough to keep track. Our technicians confer with clients constantly on what is and what not possible when coming to wear hair…or what really, will look best or what might not!… Read more »

Ricki Lake’s Choice

Ricki Lake revealed a secret on New Year’s Day that has seen her “suffering mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years.” Taking to Instagram, the talk show host/actor revealed her hair loss in a striking picture. Ricki claims she has been losing her hair ever since starring in Hairspray in 1988, when during filming… Read more »

Happy Holidays From Guci Image

As we get deep into all the holidays around our northern New Jersey way, all the staff here at Guci Image would like to send a hearty thank you for the past year and wishes for a happy new one to all of our client family. We know what it takes for our clients to… Read more »

Grease Hits 40 and Travolta’s Hair Makes A Mark

Allure’s website was one of many to note John Travolta’s hair at the recent “Meet ‘N’ Grease” sing-a-long held in Florida last weekend. The gathering was to celebrate the movie’s 40-year-old soundtrack, and movie fans, plus Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, were on hand. Wearing some iconic Grease costuming, the stars made headlines across the blog… Read more »