Yes, Needleless

The point to being here is that while microneedling and other procedures have been found to help in hair regrowth and slow down hair thinning, Guci Image is always striving to find the newest, best-researched, fully FDA-approved, and most non-invasive solutions for our clients. 

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Traditional wooden abacus with beads slid to one side on a dark blue background | Guci Image

The Numbers Are Rising For Wearing Hair

According to this article just published in Yahoo’s Financial News Portal, has found that the U.S. wig market is predicted to grow from the 1,251.55 million dollars it was two years ago to 1,642.87 million by 2030

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Alopecia Treatment New Jersey | Guci Image

2024, The Year Of The Scalp?

rends that will no doubt explode during the ensuing months…and take to them, or not, as you see fit. As always we will be with you to explore what you see, learn and might want to apply.

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Guci Image Logo | Guci Image

2024 Hair Wear Resolutions

Take to them or not, but it is our considered opinion that this edict (actually, just three suggestions) from our Paramus NJ salon might just make your life better (and your hair care easier) in the new year…and beyond.

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Ozempic | Guci Image

Ozempic and Hair Loss?

To be sure, this is just one side effect that the FDA is looking into, as weight loss drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Zepbound have gained massive popularity over the past year. Over 400 reports in the FDA indicate that some of the chemicals found in some of the weight loss drugs have been linked to hair loss and thinning.

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Jill Martin

All Our Best, Jill Martin

Let’s hope her Instagram post helps some other lady or man who has lost their hair, for whatever reason, feel a little better looking for a hairwear solution

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channels4 profile

Rihanna Changes…How About You?

But when wearing hair, Guci Image errs on the side of some critical considerations: providing our clients with hair that is natural looking, fits their lifestyle, and surely evolves with them

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tiktok vs youtube post

Hair or Not, Everybody Is ‘Out There’

It certainly doesn’t mean the population of hair wearers is not on social media or not growing by leaps and bounds daily. Just from Guci Image’s POV alone, we know they are. No matter the hair, people are out there. 

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Collagen Love

Indeed, will our hair, no matter what hair we might still have, and our scalps benefit from adding a collagen peptide powder to our morning coffee?

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Lots of Hair News

But this week saw lots of hair news—some significant some silly—which we always like to share with our New Jersey-based hair wear clients…and the world.

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La Tour Eiffel vue de la Tour Saint Jacques Paris aout 2014 2

A Specific Hair Salon

Surely, with something as detailed as hair restoration and hair replacement, the men and women needing Guci Image services need experts to work on them.

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Be Careful Of Formaldehyde

Guci Image urges you to be ever so careful what you use at home on your hair, skin, and ingest, as well as to vet the people who work on your hair.

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Who Is Julien Farel And Why Is He At The U.S. Open?

The last time any hair story made it through the rounds of tennis reporting was when we all learned that not only did Andre Agassi wear a varied color mane-like wig during the 1990s, but there was one match that he played worried less about his tennis performance, and more that the wig might fall off!

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Emily Ratajkowski

Oh, Those Hair Trends

What is not so quickly replaced, might be slightly changed over time, needs to be colored accordingly, styled, and indeed considered the longer you are a client of Guci Image is the hair you wear.

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istockphoto 1390598790 640x640 1

And Yet More Good News For Hair Loss

We are privy to the question, asked by colleagues that own other hair loss salons, as much by our clients, if there will come a time when all any of us have to do is pop a pill and be rewarded with our long-ago long-lost locks. Or at least be assured that by applying a topical solution, we will absolutely keep what we have. Or maybe even grow more. You can view all our hair growth topical solutions, see how we go about fitting clients for their undetectable hair needs, and read how we can also treat thinning with laser light, but as of yet, there is no direct absolute size-fits-all hair loss solution that will work for everyone.

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Curse of Frankenstein

New Hair Regrowth Find?

And, of course, all of our male hair units, lace wigs, and extensions have been vetted and consistently improved upon via research and the consistent application of science.

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gettyimages 463032968 8769e0a9503435ffc16a2dc34b295501d1fe2177 s1100 c50

Hair Wearer Bennett?

Acclaimed music icon Tony Bennett died today at the age of 96. Born in New York, maintaining a studio, not a mere twenty minutes from Guci Image in Northern New Jersey, we thought it is fitting to pay tribute to the man who was as much known for his voice, far and wide.

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bad hair movie review 2020

Another Bad Hair Day

The ‘award-winning’ extension expert denied her customer a refund and a “new hair system” instead. Suffice it to say the customer declined that offer. 

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styled hair extensions beauty salon scaled

Is Guci Hair Real?

Let’s face it, customers coming to us to restore their confidence and youthful looks do not want to wear anything fake on their heads.

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No Pain, No Braid?

There is no way to sugar coat this: yes, some procedures you will come into our Paramus NJ salon for could be time consuming and cause you some momentary discomfort (akin to having your hair pulled slightly for a short amount of time).

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Tabitha Bartoe

The Hair You Fight For

According to this USA article, Tennessee weekend T.V. morning weather anchor Tabitha Bartoe has been fired from her job because of her hairstyle. Criticized by her station

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bedazzled hair

Are You Bedazzled Over Bedazzling?

Scheduling, pricing, aging, caring for your hair away from our Paramus salon, these and so many factors were what you considered when you came to choose Guci Image….and we are sure glad you did! ‘Bedazzling’ is all well and good, as is adding color and maybe trying a new style. But maintaining your hair restoration solution and consistently researching others we might be able to introduce to you in the future is what we do best.

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Traveling For Your Hair?

Competitive pricing, the very best hair solutions, and state-of-the-art materials and procedures (yes, we also use Keratin in our “Cold Fusion” by Great Lengths extensions) are what we pride ourselves on.

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Aevin Dugas

Aevin Dugas Sets A Record and Why We Should Care

And although, through the years, she has received plenty of criticism for letting her natural style grow out—and out and out!—like her mom before her, she proudly showcases (and Aevin actually sets records) with the natural hair she sports.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and You, Unfiltered?

But there is a difference between you not wearing your extensions or a male hair unit and when you wear your hair. Not in the you that you are but in how you look to the rest of the world and how you feel about how you look.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Spring Trending Styles Springing Right Up At You

Yes, we see it all at our Paramus New Jersey salon, the fad, the long-cyclic style, and the trend. But no matter what, one needs to have hair to enjoy any of the above, and in the end, that’s what Guci Image provides, trends or not. Enjoy the Spring, everyone

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Academy Award Hair Is…Not Your Care

But no matter who dazzles us with envy walking the red carpet, whether Everything Everywhere All at Once, Elvis or The Fabelmans, wins, the Guci Image client will be building their confidence every day. And there is no better award to win.

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Rihanna Super Bowl 021223 7 6dae3d01eb184900a14c36bb1786bca6

Following Rihanna?

Trying to replicate her look (and most proving successful), young women across the net are showing off rather perfect RiRi hairstyle imitations

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Red Carpet Celebs

The Real World

As we have blogged about time and again, no, celebrities are not like you and me. Especially when they get ready for a big see-and-be-scene.

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Bold and Beautiful star

The Hair Skinny On Those Soap Stars

Be it extensions (which seem to be the go-to for younger women) or full hair pieces for men of any age, lots of the hair you see on T.V. not the natural hair of the person wearing it.

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Madonna & You

Guci Image balances on the fence between giving our clients back some of their past in how they look with the hair they come to wear but also keeping sure that what we give them speaks well to the person they are presently. Naturally thinning a male hair unit or lace wig, some greying, a cut; all this and more need be taken into consideration as well as fitting hair to someone’s present lifestyle. 

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Woman Wears Hair As Christmas Dress

Truly “Wearing” The Hair You Wear

What is assured is that old clients or new, anyone who steps into our Paramus N.J. salon will find that using our services, they will indeed feel stylish, confident, and alive with hair possibility. 

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Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Tales

Tracee Ellis Ross And Our Hair Identity

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross is exploring the cultural impact of hair identity in her new docuseries “The Hair Tales,” taking a specific look at how hair impacts black women’s identity. The show premiers this weekend.

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Advanced Laser Treatments for Hair Growth and Scalp Therapy | Guci Image

Laser Hair Growth vs Removal

wasn’t until 40 years later that the US FDA cleared the first laser device to be used in the treatment of hair loss and increasing scalp healt, first in men, and then four years later, for women.

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Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Hair No More

Shaving one’s head, wearing a specific item of clothing, or even marching for a cause might indeed serve as powerful symbolic gestures for a cause, but they are of the moment.

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Gray Hair Extensions, Anyone?

But there are certain things we see come, and certainly go, trending past our New Jersey hair replacement salon, not meant for long-serving hair replacement or hair restoration.  

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Upside Down

Getting Your Guci Hair Cleaner?

The main thing for those guys and gals we regularly see at our Paramus hair replacement salon is that our customers treat their hair well, are vigilant in washing and conditioning, stay away from the overuse of product and hair drying, and keep to their scheduled appoints.

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male lace wig

Lace Wigs For Men?

hair loss, thinning or even styling is an individual choice, and if a guy wants to wear a lace wig of cornrows, all the more power to him, we say.

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nicole kidman lucille ball

Nicole Kidman Cares About Your Hair

As we say here at Guci Image all the time about the many topical applications for hair loss, growth, and thinning prevention, there are lots of products making claims that no science supports, and others well tested that do see results. Guci Image has topical solutions we use (see here), but as with Vegamour, we can’t guarantee the same results for every person.

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Is It Time To Go Grey…Even A Little?

As any hairstylist will tell you, adding or covering grey is a battle of degrees; how much grey you let in or how much your cover-up; do you simply color your hair and never ‘go gray;’ do you let take over slowly over the years; do you just succumb and go completely frosty white.

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Jared Leto Met Gala

You Hair Life vs. The Met Gala

Celebrities like any of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, Lizzo, or anyone we might have read a Twitter post about attending the Met Gala, are consistently primped, spritzed, and all but styles in limos anytime they appear at some sort of big paparazzi event in public.

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Zoe Deschanel

The Changes You Make Wearing Hair

We doubt, though, that Zoe Deschanel’s fans will notice the changes you’ve made. But those changes are something you will as much have to consider…as we are sure, you will love!

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Doja Cat

A Week Beyond That Slap And All Hair’s Well

Coming into our Paramus hair restoration salon monthly, going about your daily routine, we realize all these Hollywood and celebrity hair concerns, sightings and news don’t amount to much. But occasionally, we just like to report on some hair news, during award shows or not.

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before after 9

Too Many Hair Restoration Solutions?

Surely, lots of procedures and hair units are vetted by scientific research (and some not) and become industry standard lasting solutions that stick around and make real strides in balding. And then there are a bunch that don’t last as long as it takes to get their advertising up and running! Especially in this day and age where news travels faster than it is sometimes made, the public comes to learn all too quickly what works and what doesn’t.

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Hair Slugging

Hair Slugging Anyone?

Can slugging benefit Guci Image customers? Men and women who wear hair units, wigs, and extensions? Is it even healthy for people who still have their hair?

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Chris Appleton


We take to Instagram posts and Twitter feeds to influence our lives and styles; when we all know, whatever is popular today will be replaced by something else deemed popular tomorrow.

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cbd graphic

CBD Anyone?

CBD has also been known to increase circulation. This is especially interesting to people with thinning hair as a key in both hair growth, and properly nourished hair is indeed increasing healthy circulation getting to the scalp.

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Happy Holiday From Guci Image

The partnership you enter into with Guci Image, the trust you place in us, seeing how our hair replacement customers leave us so very happy and confident is the very reason we keep doing this important personal work we do. We simply wanted to say we appreciate you.

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Where Are We In Hair Cloning?

Yes, this kind of breakthrough could introduce a whole new level of service to what we might provide to the Guci Image hair restoration/replacement client. And we might not be so very far off from this scientific advance. But as of right now, hair cloning is in the research and testing stage. Guci Image will continue to do what we do with our usual exemplary results.

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Lorde Royals

Is Lorde Thinking What You’re Thinking?

The decision to wear hair, visit a hair replacement salon like Guci Image on a regular basis, ‘invest’ (in every sense of that word) in hair that you wear, is a commitment that demands lots more consideration than throwing a color wash through your locks, or playing with hair in some weird way for a night out.

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Biotin And Hair Growth | Guci Image

Martha Stewart Says No To Biotin

Sure, there are topical solutions that help with hair regrowth and overall scalp help…and in our Paramus NJ salon, we sell some of these products. But Biotin is not the answer to hair growth; in any form, it is currently available, shampoo or otherwise.

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Heidi Klum

Harried Hair Holidays Are Here

Most of us don’t see any relief until the New Year! Especially in the northern NJ area where Guci Image is located, the proximity to NYC and the significant retail interplay of our area (as we mentioned here) alights quite the hustle and bustle

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Hair Replacement in The New York Tri-State Area

The Guci Image hair restoration salon is located in the northern New Jersey suburb of Paramus. Adjacent to Route 17 (north) highway of our part of the state, we are smack dab in the middle of a commercial area just bustling with traffic and consumers.

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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima’s Hair No No

What we create, maintain, and work hard to better the quality of at Guci Image is made to keep that flow of youthful panache our clients come seeking when they walk through our doors.

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Before & After Photo Gallery | Guci Image

The Cost Of Wearing Hair

Third, then considering the schedule you will not have to commit to coming into our Paramus NJ salon regularly. And lastly, laying out the cost when becoming one of the many people out there wearing hair that is not their own.

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How Hair Wearers Will Save The World

Stepping from our Paramus NJ hair salon, our clients proudly face the day and others. This is what happens when your confidence is restored; your youthful vigor is once again switched into high gear when you feel you look your best because of the hair you wear.

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bad cut

The Very Best Cut

Hair replacement is a delicate art. Our clients come to us looking to restore their youthful vigor, increase confidence, present a them to the world that they most want to world to see. Guci Image takes the responsibility of hair replacement/hair restoration very seriously indeed.

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snap from Klum flash in AGT

Hair Malfunctions

Wig slippage, male hair replacement units that look fake, wild, and unkempt hair, all of this and more, Guci Image will not abide. We are our Paramus, NJ hair wear customer’s first line of defense when stepping out into the world with confidence.

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NJ seal

New Jersey Hair Restoration Is Like No Other

Not so much the little child to the big brother of the Big Apple, our New Jersey hair wear salon is very much its own unique entity serving a discernable clientele. A clientele that expects the best because they are indeed from New Jersey.

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Dusty Hill

Celebrities Known For Their Hair: Dusty Hill, Beard Champion

For the Guci Image client, ‘rockin’ hair is most important. Sure, there is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to ‘go bald’ or style their thinning hair best they can. But we are in the business to create hair to wear, to restore youthful confidence, to not go gentle into that good night, and battle back balding and thinning hair with the very best hair restoration and replacement in NJ.

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Willow Smith Facebook Live

Willow’s Whipping

But, for all practical purposes, a Guci Image client does not have so many options with their hair. So, we are all working to facilitate the next best thing; hair replacement that looks feels, and acts very much like natural hair that one could if they wished, whip around.

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De-stress and destroy the grey?

As anyone who works in hair replacement has suspected for some time, science will most likely bring us a solution for balding in the future. But it hasn’t yet. And while certainly stress can prompt hair loss, and destressing might indeed arrest this (see here), we have yet to come to a compound or pill that will as much arrest hair thinning as prompt the natural full regrowth of a complete head of hair.

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gossip girl hbo

Gossip @ Guci?

A more natural hairstyle, easily maintained cuts are what have always worked for our NJ hair replacement customers. The more severe the cut or more drastic the color, the more problematic it is for hair wearers, as we continue to advise (and easier for your friends and family to detect a hair unit or extension).

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While we’re not about to announce the one final topical solution to hair loss, or a miracle pill that will return your luscious locks, TOSKANI is a home-care treatment we do recommend, one that compliments the other anti-hair loss treatments administered at our Paramus, NJ hair loss salon.

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The Hair We Wear Keeps Advancing

As surely as we present the very latest (and best) to New Jersey men and women battling baldness, even now, something new (and better) is being researched and tested by hair restoration researchers. And very soon, we will be able to present these advances as another of the many services of NJ hair restoration salon offers.

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hair horns

Are ‘Hair Horns’ For You?

Generally speaking, the men and women who come to Guci Image for hair restoration solutions and hair replacement options are of a more ‘mature’ age than an e-girl typically is. Indeed, lots of people begin to lose their hair early in life, but for the most part, people start their relationship with us, at the earliest, sometime in their 20’s. And as we always advise, men and women losing their hair do indeed decide as early as possible to come to our NJ hair salon to restore their confidence and start the positive lifestyle change that will see them with longer, richer locks.

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Uma Thurman

Here Comes The ‘Bob’ For Summer…Should We Care?

The highly-trained Gucci Image hairstylist who works on your specific hair needs—cut-ins, month services, coloring—would only ever advise on a hairstyle that best suits the hair you wear. Functionality (in our case, the best, most natural way the hair you wear looks on you) fuels form for us, despite what is supposedly trending.

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Hair Care, For Hair Wearers: Summer 2021

The unusual bombardment of the hot New Jersey summer sun does great damage to the hair one wears. Help us to help you battle the ravages of heat, sand, salt, chlorine and sweat and make summer 2021 your best yet.

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jane fonda grey hair

Did You Ever Once Consider Not Wearing Your Hair In Light Of The Pandemic?

Clients come to our New jersey hair restoration salon because they do not want to look at themselves bald or thinning any longer. A few ‘in-home tact-downs or maybe catching up on considering some extra grey should not deter us from what we have wanted all along, before the COVID-19 pandemic and what we will want after it is long gone.

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‘Seeing The Light’ With EPM

As with any other hair regrowth, scalp nourishing treatment, there are plenty of less effective, even some dangerous ‘technologies,’ being applied to unknowing hair loss clients all the time. Hair loss/thinning is a global problem for all kinds of people of all genders, and there is a rabid need for hair regrowth solutions.

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before after 6

The Technician Behind the Hair You Wear

For those who wear hair, it usually comes down to a handful of close friends, lovers, and confidants that even know about our hair units, wigs, and extensions. Letting someone into your confidence about the hair you wear is as intimate as trusting that hair to the one person who sees it from every angle and works hard to make sure you look your best.

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Lil Nas X Montero Call Me By Your Name

Lil Nas X Makes Us Notice Wig Style

If you have yet to catch Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video, you owe it to yourself to enjoy this concoction (see it here). As much for the song (which is very pointed in its lyric) as the fantastic imagery…and yes, some wonderfully, over-the-top wig styling. It’s one thing to fashion and fit the Lace Wigs we do, another to appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into what is seen across this music video’s quick cuts.

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The State Of The Hair Replacement Industry or How COVID-19 Just Keeps On Giving

The silver lining here? Hair replacement price increases are not just a Guci Image problem. Hair replacement/hair restoration salons, the entire hair replacement industry, as well as so many others, is experiencing problems that affect bottom-line costs and production. We can only hope that the ‘strength in numbers’ of so many customers and providers working for solutions will push us all forward over this hurdle we are presently experiencing.

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40847421 s

Latest Hair Growth Technology

Recently invented compounds, new ways of screening the effects of hair growth drugs, products featuring all-natural combinations of melatonin and resveratrol, the creation of minoxidil ‘boosters,’ and new topical peptides are being tested all the time. Conversely, the false claims about Biotin’s effectiveness are as diligently measured, matched, considered, and made public.

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The Price You Pay For Your Hair Solution

In choosing how best to battle your baldness, a little research of options, salons, and indeed pay points is highly recommended. Indeed, we often get what we pay for, but we all need well remember, is what we are paying for what we need, or is it the best we can find?

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Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue as Hair Spray

People who have undergone hair transplantation or come to our Northern, N.J. hair salon for regular service of their hair restoration units know they need

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Jane Fonda

Aging & Hair Replacement

Birdie, a website that reports “All Beauty, All The Time-For Everyone,” released their list of 39 Beautiful Hairstyles Perfect for Woman Over 60 this week. Picking the

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Alyssa Milano

COVID-19 & Hair Loss

  The hair loss a Guci Image customer first endures can take on many forms and come from multiple causes. We try best as we

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Guci Image Reopens

As we had well hoped, Guci Image is reopening. Per Gov. Murphy’s order, on 6/23, we will be back to servicing clients on a limited

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Kelly Ripa’s Hair Warning

The ‘pandemic trend,’ of cutting one’s own bangs, is being called out by Kelly Ripa. It seems with the boredom of self-quarantining setting in, too

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black widow scarlett johansson marvel the avengers

Black Widow Hair?

As brought into clear evidence with the final trailer for Black Widow ‘dropping’ this week, there is no denying the power of a simple haircut. In

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Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake’s Choice

Ricki Lake revealed a secret on New Year’s Day that has seen her “suffering mostly in silence off and on for almost 30 years.” Taking

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An American Dream

Here at Guci Image, we like to think the distinction we have as Northern New Jersey’s best hair replacement salon is well earned and well

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No, You’re Not Ivanka

And you thought your hair was important?! America’s first daughter (and senior White House adviser) Ivanka Trump traveled to South America, promoting her father’s administration’s

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Trending? Who Cares.

For some reason, the pop gossip site Wonderwall has released a massive listing of the most startling celebrity hair transformations of 2019…right now, in the

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Celine Dion Mario Sorrenti Harpers Bazaar 2019 Icon issue

Celine Dion, Wig Or Not?

The net was as much taken with Celine Dion’s new hairstyle as were a few blog posts and remarks incorrectly reporting that she had actually

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Summer Hair Care

5 Summer Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair   Oh yes, the heat has been especially challenging this week in northern N.J.; we just

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Lady Gaga cigarette glasses from the video Telephone

Lady Gaga Reveals

Hairstyles are important to us all. As much to celebrities as for those of us who wear Guci Image hair. It’s no wonder then that

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Hollywood vs. Paramus

It is the prevue of movie stars to change their look (it’s almost a prerequisite for attempting to mine continued popularity) or throw supposed tantrums.

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Following Kelsey Lu?

Keeping up with styles, haircuts, and trends is a full-time pursuit. Even with a quick daily flick across Twitter or Instagram, one can’t rightly ignore

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Westeros Hair Woes

So you think you have hair concerns coming into Guci Image once a month to reattach your CTR unit or starting into our new DHSA

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Allure Hair

The various hair replacement units, female and male extensions, type of hair even, procedures for detecting the health of hair, number in the thousands. There

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DHSA Comes To Guci Image

On the forefront of hair restoration technology, hair replacement techniques, and scientific hair analysis, Guci Image consistently presents the latest options to our customers in

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Do You Suffer From R.H.S?

By recent internet reports it seems that lately lots of famous ladies, and men, are suffering from R.H. S.  ‘Restless hair syndrome,’ is the seeming

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David Beckham’s Hair ?

David Beckham’s hair caused big controversy this week (or as big a controversy as it could, really) when he appeared on stage in Hong Kong

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The 24-Karat Approach

Dyson just released a 23.75-karat gold hairdryer. After multiple prototypes and extensive testing the right hue of gold leaf—from Florence— was found for the Dyson

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Should You Wear Glass?

Whether you come to Guci Image for the best female hair replacement in North Jersey or other restorative or healthy hair treatment, you are most

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How to get my Hair Styles Like A Celebrity? Influencers, trend-setters, Instagram posters becoming celebrities; we take in, even by accident, so much stuff from

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Online Hair Stops

Influencers, trend-setters, Instagram posters becoming celebrities; we take in, even by accident, so much stuff from the world around us. It seems everyone has an

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plastic surgery news2

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cosmetic surgery | | Guci Image

Praesent convallis convallis

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Bed sudden manner indeed

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Daylight Savings…Hair?

Soon enough the warmer weather will be upon us, really…it’s coming. We promise! The north east was hit hard this winter with snow dumping almost

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Academy Award Winning…Hair?

In the end, does the Academy Awards show matter really, beyond being just entertainment? Certainly winning an Oscar brings attention to an actor or actress

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Hair Restoration Technology

 As reported this week in the UK’s Guardian newspaper ( in South Korea a woman had her hair sucked up by a robot vacuum cleaner

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S.A.G. Awards Hair Stylings

The Grammy’s, Golden Globes, The Academy Awards, yes the event-award show-T.V. broadcasts are being trotted out for us all in full force. One can’t help

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Back To Our Dark Roots?

Stylists have opined for quite some time (at least as long as this trend has been occurring) that in an attempt to cover grey roots

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Does Coffee Cause Hair Loss?

Losing one’s crowning glory is a common dilemma faced by many people. While some can easily pull off bald look, others save themselves from embarrassment

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Mariah Carey’s Prices

So you think a cut/color/service can cost you? The prices just released for Mariah Carey’s team of specialists who attend the diva when she steps-out

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Genetic Hair Loss

The most common reason for hair loss in genetically inherited. It is not easy to control hair loss which is hereditary. Genetic hair loss is

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Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Today, hair coloring has become the hottest trend among women and men. It is basically a practice of changing the color of hair or it

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Our Perfect Hair?

Just this week Victoria’s Secret came under fire over new bra adds that show models like Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge in beautiful poses with

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Yoga To Prevent Hair Loss

Do you envy others for having healthy and lustrous hair? There’s no denying the fact that everyone aspires to have good hair. For both men

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Halloween Hair

We come to this time of year everyone (adult and kids alike) seem to enjoy a little loosening-up of their inhibitions. A quick run through

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Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Many people perceive that hair loss problem is genetically inherited, and there is no other cause for it. Thanks to the beauty of science, hair

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Does Gel Causes Hair Loss?

Most of us aim for a perfect look which usually constitutes of appropriate clothing, a properly done face and the most important thing that matters

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Chasing Baby Bangs

With ‘selfies’ and Instagram all the rage, whatever one person manages-be they star or everyday guy or gal-plenty of others can see/hear/experience. But is imitation

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The Real Renée Zellweger?

A lady looks a little different and the whole world goes crazy: Renée Zellweger stepped out in Hollywood to attend Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood

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You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since

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12 Best Wedding Hairstyles

The bells are officially ringing for the wedding season! If you’re planning for your wedding or it’s your sister who’s walking down the aisle, then

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There Is No Battle Of The Sexes When It Comes To Hair Loss Surely there is no denying that men and women are different…beyond the

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Sometimes battling hair loss simply comes down to preventative measures….or at the very least being altered to the fact that we are indeed loosing our

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Iron Deficiency Hair Loss

Iron Deficiency Hair Loss is quite common especially in women and in people who have a diet that is low in iron. The problem with low

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Great Lengths & SHE

Rockin’ as much a shorter ‘pixie’ cut in some cases (as she appeared just recently in No Tofu magazine, see here: ) and seemingly

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Fashion Rocks…So Do You

 Whether fashion truly did rock at the Fashion Rocks show held Tuesday night, is anyone’s guess. Certainly music stars like Usher and Kiss came out

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Autoimmune Disease and Hair Loss

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), autoimmune disease affects up to 50 million Americans. An autoimmune disease develops when your immune system,

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The Blue Ivy Diss

We just don’t seem to be able to get beyond Beyoncé and Jay Z’s beautiful baby Blue Ivy’s hair. Though Miss Bey made quite the showing

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Ruxolitinib Regrows Hair

Ruxolitinib, a drug to treat bone marrow disease seemingly can help with Alopecia, a leading cause of hair loss (see our page about it here).

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Once again we get into a weird wacky area when in the world of wearing hair: color. For the most part you will find the

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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff may not be a life-threatening condition, but it can make you uncomfortable. The presence of an irritated and flaking scalp can be bothersome. This

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Stolen Hair in Houston

Some people want extensions…and some people really want them! In Houston a group of thieves stole their way into the “Beauty Sensation” salon in the early

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So, there is more hair there then was first thought? Folllicular Unit Extraction or FUE in male patients hair replacement saw a recent advancement from

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Face It, Now…Guci Image Is The Solution

For those men and women contemplating wearing hair, there is a race-against-the-ticking-hands-of-inevitability in the air. There’s the consistent moving-of-your-head-this-way rationalization tug-of-war daily measuring, the new

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Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss?

There are many things that contribute to hair loss in men and women. Medications, styling techniques, excessive use of chemical based hair care products or

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Sinéad’s New Look: Wigtastic

Her look, music and controversial actions (anyone remember her ripping-up a picture of The Pope?) made Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor very popular indeed. Her cover

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Does Lupus Cause Hair Loss?

 Hair loss can be devastating. Apart from an individual’s physical appearance it can also have drastic psychological effects. In this era, the signs of baldness

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2014 World Cup…Hair

The current edition of the World Cup, 2014’s games in Brazil, are getting lots of attention (on the web they call it ‘trending’). There’s politics

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Blue Ivy Hair ‘Dissing’

Falling well into the category of some-people-just-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands it seems someone started an online petition this past mocking Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter’s hair. A picture

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How to prevent balding?

There is one major problem faced by several people across the world which is none other than hair loss in women which is close to 100

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Poor Angelina Jolie

So it seems all anybody is talking about when it comes to big box office numbers is how Disney’s Maleficent starring Agelina Jolie is crushing the

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