Kylie Jenner Makes Us Wonder What’s Going On Under The Hair We Wear

Kylie Jenner

In an Instagram post this week, Kylie Jenner revealed something more startling than a new cut or color; she showed her ever-faithful fans and friends her natural hair. Sporting none of her usual extensions, we all got a perfect picture of Kylie’s true, chin-length straight cut while she went to have her roots colored. This… Read more »

Good Health In The Face Of Corno-19

Yes, by now, Guci Image customers have heard about the New Jersey cases of Corno-19, and specifically how the virus has affected the Upper Bergen County area. But as we always have here at NJ’s top hair restoration salon, and as we will even after things hopefully return to some state of ‘normal’ post the… Read more »

Black Widow Hair?

black widow scarlett johansson marvel the avengers

As brought into clear evidence with the final trailer for Black Widow ‘dropping’ this week, there is no denying the power of a simple haircut. In the clip of Scarlett Johansson’s bad-ass Avenger and her like-minded female company, one can see quite clearly how short cuts, ponytails, and the like work for MCU (The Marvel Cinematic… Read more »

The ‘Small-World’ Problem Of Caring For The Hair You Wear

A weekly blog, some Instagram posts, Facebook updates really don’t matter much in the face of real ‘big world problems.’ The potential drama of a Biden vs. Bernie debate, weird Northern New Jersey weather concerns, the rising concern over the Coronavirus, when one lays out all the stuff coming at us daily, it’s often hard… Read more »

Ariel Winter Is Transformed, Are You?

Ariel Winter Modern Family

Talk about our culture’s busiest chameleon! Modern Family star Ariel Winter has once again posted a picture on her Instagram account, showing how she has recently changed her look. This time Winter has let go of her Alex Dunphy black hair color for strawberry blonde…via her high-powered hairstylist, Tabitha Dueñas at Nine Zero One Salon in L.A…. Read more »

Being ‘Woke’ By Natalia Taylor

Natalia Taylor In Ikea not Bali

Hair replacement facts, seeking out best (or worst) NJ salon reviews, overall hair care treatments; at Guci Image, we are forever warning our clients to do exhaustive due diligence for what they might need for the hair they come to wear. Just reading something across an online post or off some ‘influencers’ Instagram feed is… Read more »

Hair Couture At The 92nd Academy Awards

Elton John and Bernie Taupin win Oscar

Something like the 92nd Academy Awards telecast (better known as ‘The Oscars’) certainly brings out the fashionistas. Couture, jewelry, and yes, hairstyles were on full red-carpet display and talked and tweeted about days later. From your friendly neighborhood N.J. hair replacement salon, here is what we noticed. In one of our blogs recently, we mentioned… Read more »

Our Unusual New Jersey Weather And The Hair That You Wear

Certainly, none of us living in the northern New Jersey area was expecting our January to roll into this early February while presenting such mild temperatures. As is usually the case this time of year at our Guci Image offices, we are as much scheduling clients post the holiday madness as we are keeping them… Read more »

De’Andre Arnold’s Dangerous Hair

Most Guci Image clients would admit that the ‘danger’ in wearing hair is having what they wear be undetectable. We work hard at Guci Image to fit our clients with seemingly flawless balding and thinning solutions that, for all intents and purposes, looks like their actual hair. ‘Danger’ of a different stripe, has come for… Read more »

Did Charlize Theron Just Create A New Hair Trend?

Charlize Theron

We have seen them come, and we have seen them go; hair trends blow through or Guci Image offices so often these days it’s tough to keep track. Our technicians confer with clients constantly on what is and what not possible when coming to wear hair…or what really, will look best or what might not!… Read more »