The Five Rules Of Wearing Hair For The Male Rock Star…Even If You’re Not Really a Rock Star-Part 1

For men who have been and want to continue to wear their hair long, the entire hair restoration process can be quite challenging. First and foremost, for guys (of any age) sporting Jared Leto length locks (or longer), perpetuating that cliché (as far as many people mock) ‘rocker image’ or simply wearing hair down to their shoulders ever since high school, their hair thinning is certainly something that is hard to accept. Surely no man or woman wants to go bald, but for the man who has gone to great lengths keeping great lengths into his 30’s and beyond knowing that his luscious locks might be ‘going going gone’ all too soon is a hard pill to swallow. But not every hair restoration salon, or even the everyday hair stylist, is amiable to this ‘look’ on men; lots of pros do not know how to cut, color and maintain-certainly advise how to find a thinning hair solution-for the man who wants to wear his hair long.

For the long-haired guy who comes to Guci Image for a solution we postulate these Five Rules Of ‘Wearing Hair’ For The Male Rock Star…Even If Your’e Not Really a Rock Star.

First, get ‘on it’ all quickly. As we always advise, the longer you wait to address thinning hair-men or women-the more startling the transition from a balding top to one sporting hair. It’s best admit your scalp findings and get to us so we can make your hair wearing seamless.

Two, be reasonable with your look. Yes, you may want to keep to your rock star-like locks, but as you grow older real hair-if you had it-would grey or thin, at least a little bit. At Guci Image we take these considerations in mind when fitting you for a CTR unit, etc. keeping your long hair long for you but with the normal process of aging figured into what we do for you.

(to be continued)


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