Janet Jackson Is Bald?

Janet Jackson Is Bald?

Well, not exactly.

The diva posted a picture she titled “Happy Holidays” across her Instagram account, revealing her famous and beautiful face encircled by blue/black braids and the sides of her head shaved. It was not as big news as if the lady had shaved her head bald, which, of course, many blogs and posts led with after J.J. posted the picture.

With the New Year looming, we might indeed get treated to a lot of new looks from our celebrities. You may also be contemplating a change in your life above and beyond a resolution or two; maybe something new for your hair? As we always do at Guci Image, we caution our hair restoration/hair replacement clients over making any drastic new alterations in hairstyle, cut, and color, even though the thought of a brand-new 2022 might be prompting you to want to take action.

Yes, we all want to get free of 2021, as much as we did 2020. And men and women from N.J. (where the Guci Image salon is located) as much as folks living in London and Budapest, like change. But when it comes to sporting a male replacement hair unit, a wig, or hair extensions, those changes need to be done with the judicious skill of your stylist after a lengthy consultation. 

But we have leveled these considerations before when it comes to the hair care of hair replacement. It’s just with the New Year upon us, and even Janet Jackson making some definitive hair changes; it’s good to reiterate a point Guci Image makes all the time.

Treat your hair in the New Year as you did during the one just past

Guci Image wishes you the happiest and, in light of the past two years, especially the healthiest of New Year for you and your family.

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