The ‘New Normal’ Of Hair Replacement

The ‘New Normal’ Of Hair Replacement

In this article released this week, British newspaper The Sun provides a short yet telling list of do-it-yourself hair and manicure blunders people managed during the COVID-19 shutdown. We have certainly seen plenty of Instagram posts and Twitter videos of celebrity hair disasters and even transformations during the pandemic (see here). But what makes this The Sun article so poignant (and yes, even fun) is that there are regular folks trying their best to make themselves look and feel better. Admittedly, these Brits live far from our Paramus, N.J. hair replacement salon. Still, no matter where any of us live, we are all consistently hoping to make our lives a little brighter by looking a bit better.

Among the blunders, the article reports on—and even shows—are terrible attempts at self-layering and razor cuts. The disasters that can happen with a little self-trim, face waxing, and even hair dye attempts—on both hair and head—are also numerous. Having the Guci Image salon closed for the past two-and-half months, we sympathize with all The Sun’s reported instances, and like everybody, hope the self-attempted ‘hair fails’ can end soon.

The good news is, according to Gov. Murphy, we will be opening soon. We can’t give you the exact date just yet. But from the reports we are hearing, we hope to begin seeing clients within the next few weeks, certainly in June. Coming in for services on your CTR units or touch-ups, cuts, styles, and cuts to extensions, even taking the time for Cold Fusion session, we know very soon all our N.J. hair replacement clients will be back to their usual perfectly styles.

 As we return to life post the COVID-19 shutdown, there are bound to be plenty of adjustments we all need to make. Guci Image will do our best to make our new “hair normal” as normal as it can be.

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