Hair Styles in 2022 Will Be All About ‘Volume’?

Hair Styles in 2022 Will Be All About ‘Volume’?

It seems Guci Image customers have nothing to worry about in the New Year. In this posting about the most recent “Octopus Haircut Trend” (a mix between the shaggy look and a mullet), assures us all that volume and layers will be the order of the day for the foreseeable future. 

Volume, layers, long thick locks, thick curls, this is our stock and trade at our NJ hair replacement salon. 

Beyond all the new cuts one might be seeing in the New Year (or trends returning), the various attempts at new color ideas or even hair accessorizing like the use of ‘oversize’ scrunchies and ultra-wide headbands, what we have always set our sights on, and what seems everyone is always interested in, is indeed volume. Long luscious locks, think waves, tight curls, “volume” in all its forms, is synonymous with good hair health. And although we construct our hair units, wigs, and extensions to reflect natural aging, adding or subtracting seemingly natural density given a client’s age and desire, still, we are going for volume, as much as we are undetectable natural hair replacement.

Hair thinning, the opposite of enjoying hair volume, is what brings customers to our Paramus salon. What keeps them with us is the many options we present to increase that volume. Over time, a man or woman who is coming to lose their hair will try everything possible to battle this loss of volume, to cover their thinning, but all too soon come to realize that they do indeed need well-researched hair replacement solutions that work; creative comb-overs, investing in hats and scarfs and all but taking yourself out of the rotation of friends and family, don’t cut it for someone who wants to truly enjoy life. 

Volume in 2022? Bring it on, Guci Image says.

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