No Pain, No Braid?

No Pain, No Braid?

Leave it to TikTok to reveal the often sad truth about hair braiding.

A viral video is causing wild reaction across the net this week. The clip shows a young girl having her hair braided in what is obviously a painful procedure. The little girl reacts with tears and her face growing red as the stylist works around her. Posters’ reactions across Instagram and Twitter range from questioning the competency of the stylist obviously causing the little girl so much pain as much as warning that yes, certain hair procedures do hurt.

See the video here.

There is no way to sugar coat this: yes, some procedures you will come into our Paramus NJ salon for could be time consuming and cause you some momentary discomfort (akin to having your hair pulled slightly for a short amount of time). Attachment as well as removal is part and parcel of our procedures. And there are various topicals used, as well as time needed for glues to dry (what we call ‘curing). And while our technicians try to keep inconveniences and pain to a minimum, hair restoration and replacement on the order that we perform can be complicated and time-consuming. Your visit to Guci Image is not just an ordinary quip slip in/slip out trip to your local hair salon.

But you know all this already if you are a Guci Image customer.

Interestingly enough, and showing how we work everyday to better what we do (and NOT cause our customers undue pain) when we attached our Great Lengths hair extensions no glues, bonds, sewing, braiding or Polymers are used. Instead, a state-of-the-art sonic wave technology called “Cold Fusion,” is employed, using an all-natural protein called Keratin and no heat. And our SmartGraft Hair Transplants use the “fue hair restoration,” method, a procedure that is completed in-office, during a single visit, resulting in less patient discomfort and less recovery.

You won’t find red faces or tears in our salon.

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