Aging & Hair Replacement

Aging & Hair Replacement

Birdie, a website that reports “All Beauty, All The Time-For Everyone,” released their list of 39 Beautiful Hairstyles Perfect for Woman Over 60 this week. Picking the brains of celebrity stylists Geno Chapman and Stephen Thomas, the article elaborates on the main factors, length, and color, for determining the best hairstyles for people of an older age. At Guci Image, we are aware of these factors but have to figure in a whole lot more for the more ‘mature’ woman (and man) who come to us for their hair replacement solution.

Building the deep relationships with customers as we do, we see many a hair replacement customer stay with Guci Image for a long time. And during that time, the women who come to us for hair extensions and the men who see their CTR unit refit, ‘cut-in,’ and serviced (only two of many services we offer) will want some natural aging to the hair they wear. When, where, and how to add grey or, in some cases, cover it with color, or slightly change-up a style, are considerations any hair replacement salon should not take lightly.

Simply put, our job at Guci Image is not done when we fit you for the best undetectable hair replacement solution. Giving good service is not only our technicians plying their skills with you once-a-month. At our Paramus New Jersey hair replacement salon, we are forever looking ahead, as much for the latest in hair wear methods as for you individually as you age.   

This Birdie article mentions Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren, showcasing the beautiful hairstyles of these equally beautiful famous women. The Guci Image customer, equally beautiful to us and indeed our everyday celebrity, considers their hair just as important to them (and again, we include our more mature male customers in this mix too).

At Guci Image, we certainly provide all the very best hair replacement all the time for every one of our customers.

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