So, there is more hair there then was first thought?

Folllicular Unit Extraction or FUE in male patients hair replacement saw a recent advancement from a new technique a U.K. Doctor Thomy Kouremada-Zioga is using. It seems Dr. Zioga has begun transplanting hair from not only the back of the neck (where is usually has been harvested from) but patients’ chest hair as well.

At Guci Image FUE is not an option but that does not mean we don’t wish the good doctor Zioga well or won’t keep exploring and championing new scientific breakthroughs in hair replacement for men and for women.

Presently some of what is available here at home in our Paramus N.J. offices is Micro-Grafting and CTR units for men, and for women the same, plus the “Great Lengths” and “She” Cold Fusion Extensions and Microfusion Hair Integration. All are non-surgical techniques to be sure, but all effective in the constant battle to restore fuller hair and confidence in the men and women who come to us.

The options for hair wear, either from a doctor like Zioga working surgically or through the many solutions we offer increase every day. And with the Internet, even blogs like this one, the good techniques and scientifically proven methods ‘will out’ from all those schemes and scams. It is so easy to get waylaid when you are a man or woman sporting thinning hair you hope to find a solution for, but Guci Image never exploits our good client’s concerns. The options we present we feel are the very best available and we are ever exploring new ones to present them safely when we can.

In the end what we want is the good patronage that comes from a job well done and clients who trust us with their inner most hair care needs.  

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