Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss?

There are many things that contribute to hair loss in men and women. Medications, styling techniques, excessive use of chemical based hair care products or simple life stresses can have terrible effects on your tresses. But, often lifestyle choices are overlooked when it comes to hair loss. Before you rush to a doctor, you should analyze what you need to do at your end to save those strands? Often, this can provide clues to the source of your hair loss. Do you stress a lot? Do you exercise regularly? Are you dieting? Do you drink alcohol? If yes, you may rectify the problem to a great extent in your hair loss than you know. Many individuals often wonder Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss?

know how Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss

Does Alcohol Cause Hair LossIf you consume alcohol whether it is wine, beer or hard liquor on a daily basis, it could lead to nutritional deficiencies that result in hair loss and balding. Yes, research shows that alcohol cause hair loss. alcohol can increase male and female pattern balding by increasing levels of estrogen. Estrogen imbalances have hazardous effects on the body and the hair. Alcohol can also result in advanced thinning in men because it reduces zinc levels. Zinc helps in the production of over 80 enzymes that the human body needs to function properly.

Apart from genetics and age, your daily decision about drinking alcohol play a major role in hair loss. According to new research, being overly stressed, spending too much time in the sun, excessive smoking and drinking are all big no-nos to having healthy hair. Though, there are many effective men hair loss treatments available, researchers say that those who wear hats, drink coffee and have a healthy lifestyle all had more hair.

Food Intake – In order to retain your crowning glory, the best thing you can do is reducing your consumption of alcohol for at least three months. Also, increase your intake of foods with Vitamin B and Vitamin C because alcohol depletes the level of these vitamins. Include flank steak, baked salmon and hormone free chicken to your salads. Other meats that are zinc rich include oysters, crab, clams, pork and lamb.

The consumption of alcohol decreases the levels of zinc in the body, which is a mineral that helps to keep the hair healthy. Higher levels of alcohol consumption lead to lower levels of zinc.

Estrogen – Increased levels of estrogen in both men and women cause hair loss. Both alcoholism and binge drinking can increase estrogen levels. Alcohol directly affects the nutrients in the hair, and can cause it to break at the roots. This is how Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss in some individuals.

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