The Numbers Are Rising For Wearing Hair

The Numbers Are Rising For Wearing Hair

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Yes, we know that it sometimes seems that you are the only one walking around with a Guci Image Lace Wig or a male CTR unit on your head. When you come into our Paramus salon, you might see other clients, but often, the hair wearer doesn’t equate that what’s going on with them (in that they are indeed wearing hair) might be going on with lots of men and women.

But indeed, it is. You know you are not alone in wearing hair.

As we have surely explored before, there are plenty of websites online leading consistent conjectures over what celebrity has undergone plastic surgery, as there are those wondering about who is wearing hair. There’s the score of housewives on the various Housewives shows littering the Bravo channel, adding extensions. So many celebrities play fast and loose with wig culture, sporting what they want to be recognized as an obvious wig. And then, of course, their are the many men and women who have either undergone hair restoration surgery or are wearing the kind of high-end hair pieces and wigs Guci Image fits for our clients. 

According to this article just published in Yahoo’s Financial News Portal, has found that the U.S. wig market is predicted to grow from the 1,251.55 million dollars it was two years ago to 1,642.87 million by 2030. As much as a seeming rise in autoimmune diseases and stresses that can cause hair loss, and as the public fights against hereditary-patterned baldness or androgenetic alopecia, there has been an overall modern mainstream acceptance of wearing hair. In the specific rise in wig wear, the higher quality in modern wig processing (something we have surely seen) also has people embracing wigs now more than ever before.

So, wear that wig, unit, extension, and wear it proudly. The numbers are with you.

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