Bald For A Cause; Maisy Yeager and the 46 Mommas.

Far be it from Guci Image to reject anyone’s desire to go bald. We are just in the business to supply the men and women who come to us with as thick and natural looking locks as we can manage. Through the many systems and processes we employ we endevour to bring clients that which they desire most…the confidence that comes from having their hair back. But bald can work, as it does for so many of our male actors and in the case of Maisy Yeager and her son Zarek, going bald made quite the bold stand-up statement against a terrible disease.

At eight years old Zarek was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia. Luckily he made it through the terribly exhausting surgeries and steroid treatments. But seeing as so many children are not as lucky (almost two thousand by last count) Zarek’s mom and nearly 50 other moms from U.S. and Canada came together in Boston just this past Sunday to shave their heads in a show of solidarity for the 5th annual “46 Mommas” event.

The moms raised more than $200,000 for St. Baldrick’s Foundation a fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. This impressive take will be added to the already $1.5 million this event has amassed in over its half decade of existence.

Guci Image applauds Maisy Yeager and her fellow moms’ efforts, and of course wish all the sick children speedy recoveries. Working in the hair restore climate we do where bald is the enemy, where we are trying to cover-up the thinning of men and women, where we work hard to restore scalp health and perpetuate hair growth at every turn this story of self-inflicted baldness humbles us.

So, yes avail yourselves of our CTR and Great Lengths hair extensions. Come in as always for your Low Laser Light Scalp Treatment, but let’s praise Maisy Yeager and the other mothers with her who truly let down their hair this past weekend and had it shorn off for a very good cause.


Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc