DHSA Comes To Guci Image

On the forefront of hair restoration technology, hair replacement techniques, and scientific hair analysis, Guci Image consistently presents the latest options to our customers in the Northern New Jersey area. From laser light applications to platelet-rich plasma therapy to micro-grafting, clients come to us for a wide range of hair loss and thinning options.
Our latest process, DHSA, is the very latest in hair evaluation technology.
Both hair follicles and the full surface of the scalp are studied with DHSA making the most accurate exploration of what is actually going on with you, ‘up there.’ The complete measurement of scalp and hair is taken, hydration and elasticity are evaluated, and density, Keratin and redness, pores and hair Before After Image 3thinness and thickness assessed.
What makes the DHSA technology so special is that you, the client, will see what our specialist sees, via an in-room monitor. We have always prided ourselves on offering the very best and latest for hair health solutions, but with DHSA we also have this the added benefit that everyone is on the same page, from the very beginning of the Guci Image process. And then solutions can be begun as soon as possible.
Surfing through the plethora of hair evaluation technologies currently available would leave even a hair restoration professional dizzy. At Guci Image we know our clients want analysis that is not just thorough but that they can understand and make an informed decision over. Having searched far and wide for a process like DHSA, and now using it in our North New Jersey Hair restoration salon, we know, once again, that Guci Image is providing the very best that we can to restore confidence to men and women who put their trust in us.
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