CTR & Hair Extension Wearers…Careful With That Brush

CTR & Hair Extension Wearers…Careful With That Brush

We know your regular service for your CTR unit is fantastic (we work hard to make it that way.) Removal, washing, adding color (if it needs it), cut (if you need one), reapplication, all goes swimmingly. You leave us good for another month or so, your CTR showing what our President Joe Lore calls ““VISUALITY.” We know for the ladies who wear them, they leave our Paramus offices just as happy with their SHE and Great Length Extensions. Whatever she may need for the hair she wears when a woman comes in for our specific services she is just as much treated to our meticulous care. Time and again we hear the compliments and couldn’t be happier that our clients are thrilled with what we do for them, men and women both, no matter what those men and women come to us for.

But beware, you need to do your part and ‘doing your part’ means taking care with that brush!

As we all already know brushing can truly on your hair (your naturally growing hair or not.) Yes, you do need to run through the tangles, maintain a consistent brushing/combing regiment. But one need be extra special careful when wearing hair-no matter what kind of hair you wear-when brushing that hair.

Many times we see knots, rips, even copious amounts of hair loss from a unit or extension simply because someone is giving it the old “heave ho” when brushing…or not brushing enough. Yes, your Guci Image product is durable…but to a normal degree! You need treat your scalp delicately, wearing hair or not.

If we could sneak in the backseat of your car for the ride home, hop in the shower with you, sit across from your vanity or bathroom sink when you are running through your hair care ritual we would. But it’s up to you when you leave us to take care of what you come to us for and please, be ever so careful in that care when you brush your hair.





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