The Strange But Wonderful Saga Of Marian Scott

The Strange But Wonderful Saga Of Marian Scott

And you were worried about your hair? Marian Scott has been making headlines with hers, and she’s only eight!

When the Michigan grammar-schooler was barred from taking a school picture because her hairstyle was considered “extreme,” her mom took to Facebook to tell the world. Administrators at Scott’s Paragon Charter Academy in Jackson balked at the third-graders bun and black and red extensions and wouldn’t allow her to appear in a class photo. Net outrage was fast and furious with all being righted this week when a Chicago photographer shot Marian’s picture, with the young woman showing her red extensions proudly.

Being proud to show off your hair is what we are all about here is Guci Image. But being unduly recognized for it is what we want to have you avoid. It is a fine line to skirt, but it is what an NJ hair replacement salon is all about. And with the advent of social media and cell phones clicking away at every second, there is just so much posting across Facebook and Instagram daily. These days we are all seen, in quickly snapped shots as well as posed, sometimes more than we really want to be.

We can all champion Marian Scott being able to express herself in the way she wants. We equally applaud the photographer who gave his time and talent in letting this strong-willed little girl show off those braids that started this all in the first place, but that makes Marian feel so good. Everyone, no matter what age, should be able to showcase that which they feel makes them an individual.

In your world, Guci Image gives you the confidence always to look your best, to be an individual, no matter how little or much attention you might find yourself getting. And we feel this is something to be championed as well.

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