There Is No Black Friday For Hair Care

There Is No Black Friday For Hair Care

Assaulting a Target the very night you are full with turkey and stuffing, or huddling cooling coffee while trying to warm yourself online outside at a big box retailer at four o’clock in the morning might be fine and dandy for shoppers of a particular stripe. But let’s face it; nobody is looking for discount hair cutting or coloring amongst the big flat screen T.V. discounts. It’s just a well known fact that there are some things we want to pay for to assure the good service and quality we have always counted on. There is no Black Friday for hair care.

Take this one step further and consider those of us who wear hair; those of us who come to Guci Image for Low Laser Light sessions or White Diamond treatments; those of us who count on Guci Image to deliver the very same, second-to-none attention and care each and every time to our CTR unit measurement and application; those who have come to count on how perfect a SHE extensions looks. There is no holiday-based, get-up-in-the-wee hours’ discount for what our technicians are trained to supply you with time and again.

Nor should there be.

We all have those things we will never skimp on. Name brands sometimes do indeed deliver exactly what we need. And when it comes to what we present to the world, from sporting a stylish pair of shoes or making sure our hair is looking as good as always, only the true, original version will suffice. Surely, money is tight for us all, but there are certain things we simply can’t take the cheaper version of….or if we do we are going to ‘pay for it’ in ways none of us want to consider.

There is no substitute, sale or waiting in the cold overnight for Guci Image, the premier hair loss center.  

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