Keeping It ‘Real’ With The Hair You Wear

Within the past month there seems to be lots of buzz or ‘trending’-take your pick of the latest hip Internet term-over female celebs stepping-out, or acting their latest roles with no or little make-up. Certainly ladies of the T.V. screen were hit these past few years with the wake-up call of HDTV, but is seems that lots of our boldest and brightest female celebs are going for the natural look when it comes to wearing make-up…or not wearing any at all. Jessica Simpson tweeted honeymoon pics nearly sans make-up. Reese Witherspoon’s trailer for her movie “Wild” shows her as natural as can be with hair down and no make-up, realistic considering the story concerns a woman who takes to backpacking through the wild. And Vanessa Hudgens appears “Photoshop-free” in the 2014 Fall 2014 Bongo clothing campaign.

There is indeed something freeing about letting one’s natural beauty show. Keeping things ‘real’ as it were…even if you might be sporting hair extensions or wearing hair. Guci Image knows and perpetuates the importance of a natural look, real hair extensions or wigs, a normal, thinning even unit you might be wearing to cover-up your thinning. This is why our CTR units are created with state-of-the-art single hair injected technology and non surgical medical grade skin grafting and our 100% human hair extensions are applied by using cold-fusion of Keratin-Protein based attachments.

For us, helping you achieve a natural look is tantamount to our success….and yours wearing hair. Where a celebrity will make quite the stir being seen as natural as possible, the rest of us common guys and gals hope to a achieve that natural look when wearing hair.

If you don’t already come to Guci Image for this natural look please contact us today about how we can achieve it for you while covering those thinning spots that so plague you.

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc