5 Rules For Wearing Hair In Cold Weather-Part 2

5 Rules For Wearing Hair In Cold Weather-Part 2

Referring to our last blog (https://www.guciimage.com/2014/11/19/5-rules-wearing-hair-cold-weather-part-1/ ) we listed the first 3 rules of 5 to keeping the hair you wear in good condition during the winter months. We see some brutual cold and wet weather in northern N.J. where the Guci Image office is. Really, all men and women can benefit from these rules, whether one is wearing hair or not. But for Guci Image customers especially, whether you come into see us for White Diamond treatments or have recently undergone mirco-grafting, being extra careful of your hair and scalp in extreme weather months, is very good idea.

5 Rules For Wearing Hair In Cold Weather-Part 2

4.) Don’t forget your product

Stick to your routine of applying gel, conditioners and shampoos. Everything and anything you usually use, do so during the cold weather. If anything, your hair and scalp need extra attention in the extreme weather months-summer and winter both-so be mindful to use those favorite products of yours (you can even be a little liberal with the conditioner during this time of year) as you usually do.

2.) Get in for your regular Guci Image service.

Certainly with the holidays occurring the the winter months, the cold outside keeping you from wanting to warm-up the car and get out in traffic, you could be easily deterred from coming to Guci for your service. But this is the time of year you actually want to stay the course and be regular in getting yourself into our Paramus office. The static cling of sweaters and hats, walking from the dry heat inside to cold wet air out, the sweating that comes from being bundled-up tight, it all wreaks havoc on the hair you wear. 

A little due diligence in the colder months will keep your hair looking wonderful and your scalp healthy. At Guci Image we are always here for whatever you need, even a little extra attention for an extra service. Just contact us for whatever you need.



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