How to Grow Hair Faster?

How to Grow Hair Faster?

Long hair is considered a symbol of beauty and how to grow hair faster is the major concern for the world today. Hair certainly plays a pivotal role in enhancing your overall appearance. A stunning outfit will do no good unless you have striking long hair. Most women love having longer strands which perfectly complements any outfit. However, not all are fortunate to have long hair and growing hair faster is a far-fetched dream. There is no scientific formula that has been proven to accelerate or stimulate hair growth quickly. Hair growth depends on several factors including the age, diet, lifestyle, weather and overall health. In this situation, the best thing you can do to have an extended length is to opt for extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

The hair of an average healthy person will grow about half an inch per month. This means you can expect about six inches per year if it doesn’t break or slow down due to any of the factors. Individuals who want to grow long hair but do not wish to wait for a year can go for extension accessories which are quite popular these days. However, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing the right extension as there are different types of extensions available in the market. Read further to learn more about hair extensions.

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 Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extension is the ultimate solution for fine thinning or short hair. As the name suggests, this type of extension is made out of original human hair thus perfectly blends with your hair type. You can choose one according to your preferred size and color. The quality of human hair is said to last the longest and also hold up to styling, heat and mistreatment in a considerable way.

 Clip-In Extensions

This is one of the major types of extension which is much in demand. People who wish to get the hair extensions, but do not really want to stick to the permanency can simply opt for clip-in hair extensions. Clip in-synthetic extensions can be easily placed and removed any time without professional assistance. The heat-friendly, premium quality synthetic extensions can also be styled on low heat settings which is easy and convenient.

 Remy Extensions

This is another major type of hair extension widely used by people globally. The highest grade of the human hair extensions which are available, the term “Remy” means that the hair cuticle is still intact and not stripped like the lower quality extensions. Remy hair extensions are highly recommended by the hair experts and professionals in the beauty industry. It blend flawlessly with the original hair and have the same brilliance and shine as the natural hair one. The Remy extensions have the most styling versatility and can be treated just like the natural hair.

 Low Level Laser Light Therapy

 Another most popular hair loss treatment is Low Level Laser Therapy. Laser therapy for hair uses lasers at a low intensity to rid the hair follicles of any impurities. It then regenerates the cells, increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and into the follicles, stimulating growth. This is a brilliant treatment for both men and women suffering from male or female-patterned baldness. Those experiencing a receding hairline, or hair thinning could definitely benefit from this non-surgical, laser light treatment. This is a non-surgical and safe treatment, providing excellent results for all those who have taken up this treatment.

There are several advantages of Laser Light Therapy. This method of growing hair can be used by both men and women. Being a non-invasive method, it is a painless procedure which requires no recovery time and leaves no scars behind. The results can be seen in 3 to 4 months varying from person to person. Last and most important, laser hair therapy does not have any side effects.

Hair loss affects millions of people all over the world. Being an important aspect of physical attractiveness, losing one’s hair can become a cause of distress. In fact, this condition can have negative psychological effects on many individual. This is why, it is important that you grow healthy hair and take good care of your hair. Hair is the crowning glory of every human being. One cannot afford losing them. The following are some of the useful tips that will help you to get answer for your how to grow hair faster question.

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How to Grow Hair Faster

  • Avoid stress – A stressful life can take a toll on your overall health condition including hair. No matter what, make sure you lead a peaceful life. Being worried and anxious all times will only causes hair loss but also thinning hair. You need to get sufficient amount of rest and relaxation to avoid losing hair.
  • Healthy eating – A vitamin-rich diet is probably the best way to get a healthy head of hair as it stimulates the speed of hair growth to a great extent. Include lots of vegetables, fruit and iron-rich foods on your shopping list if you want healthy hair.
  • Supplements – You will find many women’s hair loss supplements available in the market. When you do not get enough vitamins and nutrients from your normal diet including supplements is a great option. Vitamin A, C, H, and all the B vitamins, as well as zinc, keratin (protein), copper, silica and iron help in the quest for healthy and longer hair. 

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