COVID-19 & Hair Loss

COVID-19 & Hair Loss


The hair loss a Guci Image customer first endures can take on many forms and come from multiple causes. We try best as we can at our Paramus, hair replacement salon to bring our clients back to their full confidence with our various replacement solutions. Reading about all the terrible effects COVID-19 can leave one with (not to mention kill you!) who would have thought that those infected might have to worry that the virus could cause hair loss? Across her Twitter feed Sunday, actress Alyssa Milano  revealed the hair loss she has been suffering because of the virus, altering us all to this newly discovered, but undoubtedly jarring, symptom of the pandemic.

While brushing her long locks in the video she posted, the 47-year-old actress showed her nearly 4 million followers how bunches of hair were getting caught in her brush. Surely not the usual on-camera attention Milano is used to, still she bravely revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, after undergoing symptoms of the disease back in April (Milano is considered a ‘long hauler’). Her virus has stuck around a while, as has its seemingly unfortunate effects, one of which is, hair is all too easily coming out of her head.

As we all push past our severest quarantine days, come to our individual ‘new not-by-any-means normal,’ we are learning more and more where the pandemic has left us (these long term effects are updated all the time here). At Guci, we have been left with a better awareness of the world around us, how to perform our services with even more care, and reminded of how valuable our client base truly is to us. 

Hair loss, whether it comes upon you gradually, or is the result of something like what Alissa Milano is suffering, can seriously affect one’s self-image; heck, one’s life!

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