The State Of The Hair Replacement Industry or How COVID-19 Just Keeps On Giving

The State Of The Hair Replacement Industry or How COVID-19 Just Keeps On Giving

One year later, and as much as we are all still asking our daily “Do I or Don’t I?” questions in dealing with the outside world (or not dealing with it), Guci Image is coming to some unavoidable specific concerns over hair replacement products and services. 

In this article:, you can read about how COVID-19 has specifically hit our industry. But in the unprecedented and significant shut down in global hair replacement production and across the supply chain and ongoing price surcharges from all our factories, there are just some realities we all now have to face. The high demand for raw hair, materials, and labor has risen to a state where we can’t absorb costs as we usually have.

Therefore as of April 1, the price of Memberships, Hair Pieces, Extensions, and Wigs will have to be increased. 

By no means are we attempting to increase our profit margins; we are taking these extreme measures so we can stay in business! In addition to the price increase indicated above, the factory we work with will be up-charging for:

· Any template larger than 8 x 10

· Any density above 100%

· Any Curl above 25mm

· Bleach front knots

· Hair that is longer than 6 inches.

And as you have probably already encountered with our service within the past year, there will continue to be extended delivery delays while the factory bolsters its production capacity, with an approximate six months predicted for this. To counter, we will be working with clients to plan for the back-up of semi-custom systems and ask that everyone continues to be flexible over density, grey percent, and base type.

The silver lining here? Hair replacement price increases are not just a Guci Image problem. Hair replacement/hair restoration salons, the entire hair replacement industry, (as well as so many others), is experiencing problems that affect bottom-line costs and production. We can only hope that the ‘strength in numbers’ of so many customers and providers working for solutions will push us all forward over this hurdle we are presently experiencing.

And at our Paramus NJ salon specifically, we do have options for membership pricing, which can be discussed anytime you come in or call.

As always, Guci Image wishes our clients and their families the best of health, and we thank everyone for their continued support and patience. A sure shining light is coming for us all, we just have to hold on a little while longer through this trying time.

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