Hair Replacement in The New York Tri-State Area

Hair Replacement in The New York Tri-State Area

The Guci Image hair restoration salon is located in the northern New Jersey suburb of Paramus. Adjacent to Route 17 (north) highway of our part of the state, we are smack dab in the middle of a commercial area just bustling with traffic and consumers. And being all but twenty minutes out of Manhattan, one of the most cosmopolitan of cities in the world, we are rather aware of the country’s ever-changing culture and fashion scene.

What this translates to mean to our business is that there are lots of choices for men and women living around the tri-state New York area to combat their thinning hair. There are salons in, out, and around Manhattan applying male hair units, extensions, and wigs that are the best in the world. One wouldn’t expect less in this bustling corridor, of course.

Guci Image has not only survived decades in this mix, but we have excelled in providing customers with consistent hair replacement solutions.

Countless customers cross the river from The Big Apple for their regularly scheduled services with us because they know we deliver time and again. And while you can look down our homepage to read some of the press written about us, we judge our work by the countless customers we have kept through the years and how confident they all are with what they wear everyday.

According to this recent Fox News Blog, short hair cuts for the fall this year are currently trending. And this could very well be true. But Guci Image relies on the intel we get on current trends, styles, and most importantly, the newest advancements in hair replacement and hair transplants pretty much as we always have…by always searching for better hair care solutions as much as being located in this busy, culturally diverse and ultra ‘with it’ area of the country.

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