De’Andre Arnold’s Dangerous Hair

De’Andre Arnold’s Dangerous Hair

Most Guci Image clients would admit that the ‘danger’ in wearing hair is having what they wear be undetectable. We work hard at Guci Image to fit our clients with seemingly flawless balding and thinning solutions that, for all intents and purposes, looks like their actual hair. ‘Danger’ of a different stripe, has come for Texas high school senior De’Andre Arnold, over his hair.

For the past eight years Arnold has been growing his dreadlocks in the traditional Trinidadian style. But just recently the student was told by his school that he needs to cut his locks if he hopes to walk in his graduation (the school says it is the length of his locks and not the style that bucks their rules). Arnold was also suspended just recently over the issue, refusing to cut his hair. Certainly, an emotionally charged issue that currently sees board members, parents and the school locked in a fight, who knows where this ‘dangerous’ hair issue will end, if it does.

Certainly, one could view any hair wear concern as a ‘small world issue’ compared to what Arnold is suffering. But the men and women who frequent our Paramus, NJ hair replacement salon, do so for worry-free hair care. They do not want to suffer the personally ‘dangerous’ situations where a unit is not fitting properly or falling off between services. They want perfectly matching cuts and colors to what hair they might still currently have. They want easy styles and cuts to keep. All in the hope that their Guci Image solution will remain as undetectable as it always has been and always will be.

Freedom to wear you hair or ‘go bald,’ is what Guci Image champions every step of the way. Controversy, confronting the supposed ‘norm,’ even posing a change that at first could seem dangerous, is what a mature society is supposed to endure.

Good luck Mr. Arnold.

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