Are You Bedazzled Over Bedazzling?

Are You Bedazzled Over Bedazzling?

If our young people know one thing, it is to keep on top of TikTok. And on TikTok, more than most anywhere else on the net presently, we learn what the most recent hair trends are. Actually, TikTok feeds us all trends, really. And according to TikTok, for hair styling right now, the late 90s/early 2000’s style of ‘bedazzled’ hair is trending most.

“Swifties,” Taylor Swift fans currently enjoying her The Eras Tour, are adopting and seemingly leading the bedazzled hair look, but just as many others are adding rhinestones and gems to their hair. This bedazzling of up-dos, and so many other styles surely sets a bright sparkly look to one’s hair and is easily accomplished with the right attachments and sometimes even some glue.

But is this trend, like so many others we report on across this blog and see so often, practical for the Guci Image hair wearer?

As your hair restoration technician can tell you, anything you do, in addition to simply attending to your hair extensions or a CTR unit, takes time, could cost money, and might be a little more than you really need. And surely, while these kind of trending ‘additions’ and modern-styling points need to be taken from a personal case-by-case consideration, isn’t it enough just to keep the hair you wear looking good and undetectable as anything but your own?

Scheduling, pricing, aging, caring for your hair away from our Paramus salon, these and so many factors were what you considered when you came to choose Guci Image….and we are sure glad you did! ‘Bedazzling’ is all well and good, as is adding color and maybe trying a new style. But maintaining your hair restoration solution and consistently researching others we might be able to introduce to you in the future is what we do best.

And this is enough to bedazzle us.

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