The Continuing Kardashian Controversy of “Bo West”

The Continuing Kardashian Controversy of “Bo West”

And here you are worrying about the hair you wear? Try being a Kardashian. In the hyper-reality world of our first celebrity family hairstyles, cuts, and colors, a good, seemingly made-up controversy can last a good long time. Way back in 2018, Kim Kardashian West, wore her hair (blonde at the time) in braids for an MTV Awards show. She nicknamed the style her “Bo West,” look after infamous blonde braid wearer, Bo Derek. Bo sported, what at the time was a unique look in her breakout 1979 movie 10. This would not be the first time KKW would manage this look, but she did come under fire for the modern-day big no no of ‘cultural appropriation.’ Critics on social media felt she did not give proper homage to what the Kardashians and many others call “boxer braids,” when they are actually cornrows, a style that has its roots in African-American culture.

Kim did say address the backlash at last year’s BeautyCon, by saying, in part, that her braiding came from a “real place of love and appreciation.”

Love or appreciation, may or may not have been on Kim’s sibling’s mind. As she has done now a few times herself Kendall Jenner, was spotted with her hair in cornrows, when she was seen out and about in L.A. last week. The 23-year-old model and star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was instantly criticized and reminded that African American ladies sport cornrows to protect their natural hair from damage.

The Guci Image costumer is certainly not looking to court controversy, intentional or not. The Guci Image customer simply wants to wear the hair they wear as undetected as possible. The Guci Image customer wants the ease of hair care, style, and color. The Guci Image customer wants healthy, resilient, easy to manage hair.

We leave it to the Kims, Kendalls, and all the other famous K’s of the world to do what they like with their hair that gets them so much attention.

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