Martha Stewart Says No To Biotin

Martha Stewart Says No To Biotin

Biotin And Hair Growth | Guci Image

This video released this week from Martha tackles yet another aspect of the controversial compound, Biotin. The question M.S. asks is whether Biotin-Infused shampoos promote hair growth?

The short answer is: no.

But there is more to this specific question about Biotin, which Guci Image has answered many times in our literature and on our website. (Here is our full rundown about Biotin). Hair replacement salons, plenty of dermatologists, and scores of stylists have been questioned so often about Biotin; most likely, they’ve probably lost count of the many times they have been confronted about the vitamin!

Biotin, also known as the B7 vitamin, is something that most adults aren’t even deficient of. Sure, the vitamin is essential for healthy skin and hair, but ingesting more of it won’t actually do all that much good, and in fact, there are some studies proving it can do one harm. For example, Biotin has been shown to throw off blood and pregnancy tests and has been known to create false positives for people undergoing cancer screenings.

There are plenty of hair thickening or ‘volumizing’ shampoos available on the market. How these work is that there are compounds added into the shampoo called humectants, and these substances take in moisture from the environment. This moisture ‘swells’ hair shafts, creating the illusion that the shampoo’s user sport thicker and fuller hair. But hair does not grow in any way using this kind of a shampoo. 

Sure, there are topical solutions that help with hair regrowth and overall scalp help…and in our Paramus NJ salon, we sell some of these products. But Biotin is not the answer to hair growth; in any form, it is currently available, shampoo or otherwise.   

Guci Image, though, does provide hair thinning and balding solutions beyond topical solutions. 

You just have to put down that shampoo and come in to see us.

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