The Ever Growing Population Wearing Hair

The Ever Growing Population Wearing Hair

There is an infamous hair restoring studio that refers to themselves as a ‘club’ (decidedly for male hair wear more than for women). Though Guci Image is far and away nothing like that business model, we do have something in common. We view the many men and women who come to us for their balding and thinning hair concerns as part of the Guci Image client population (not a club per say) but people all with the same need…to wear hair that is undetectable or enjoy services that increase hair growth and vitality.

In short, Guci Image has an extended family of clients all looking for the same results.

Yes, in the business we are in discretion is a very valuable commodity. But know full well, whether you catch another guy or gal coming or going through out offices when you are here or if you stop to imagine the daily bunch of folks we see coming in during any one given week, you are all part of a growing section of society wearing hair. The number of Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, politicians wearing hair-people certainly in the public eye more then you will ever be-is a very high percentage indeed. And as much a valued member of the Guci Image family that you are, managing your way into our Paramus, N.J. offices on a regular basis, you are also part of the larger sect of folks-men and women both, famous and not-sporting some hair that is not their own.

Whether you’re sporting extensions, a CTR unit or come to us for our White Diamond treatment, our clients are linked in their hair wearing. And as it doesn’t matter what service you see us for, it doesn’t much matter in the end where you go for your hair-of course we think the Guci Image offices (if within a logical distance to your home) is the best place to go for your wearing hair services-when one looks at the overall ever growing population of men and women who wear hair. 

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