A Momentary Lapse Of Hair Reason

A Momentary Lapse Of Hair Reason

Did you make it past Halloween 2018 unscathed? With too many costumes to choose from (for you and the kids), various “Trunk & Treats,” parades and parties to attend and deciding what candy to hand out (and eat) Oct. 31st can present a plethora of obstacles. It’s also a ton of fun. It seems Justin Bieber also had fun, taking the occasion to throw Instagram into a tailspin by shaving off his hair for a platinum buzz cut. Who would have thought Halloween could prompt such changes?!

It could have been All Hallow’s that influenced the 24-year old-singer, or just a whim. ‘The Bieb’ has run through lots of hair styles in his years as music icon…as is a music icon’s prerogative. Enjoy, what you might have explored yourself this Halloween, from wig, to color to accessories, but as we always caution, remember the big changes you make to your hair (or come to Guci Image to make) have a lasting effect.

We do not have Justin Bieber’s money for stylists, and quite frankly, we are wearing hair, he isn’t.

When you come to our Northern New Jersey hair restoration salon, you do not really just come for a wig or an accessory. Guci fits you for hair to wear, be you lady or man, for all the occasions of your life, to be worn as a true long term solution to your thinning and balding. Most of our costumers have been with us a very long time indeed.

A momentary lapse of hair reason, be it for a party, Halloween, wedding, experiment is all well and good. Yes, a major holiday or occasion might be a reason to tease, cut, color and accessorize, but for those of us who wear hair we simply can’t be so frivolous. Let Justin have his fun; be aware of your hair.



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