David Beckham’s Hair ?

David Beckham’s Hair ?

David Beckham’s hair caused big controversy this week (or as big a controversy as it could, really) when he appeared on stage in Hong Kong doing his bit for an insurance firm he is brand ambassador for. Back and forth Twitter accusations claimed the 43-year-old is either coloring his hair darker to hide some thinning, or he has added to what he usual sports at his northern most point.

Do Beckham’s locks look thicker and darker than before, many hair experts and fans wondered.

Be you a Northern New Jersey hair loss costumer or David Beckham it is hard for any man or woman to deal with thinning hair. Confidence rocked, the look and style you have been used to for years challenged, one comes to look at the world as the world looks at us; forever assuming everyone is as much noticing our thinning hair as we are. Imagine the scrutiny on a David Beckham, losing his hair or not, when you know yourself what it felt like before you came to Guci Image for your hair care solution.


Or presently, as you consider what to do about your balding and thinning and have yet to come into our Paramus, N.J. hair care clinic.

It’s also interesting to note: if indeed Beckham is coming into some sort of male pattern baldness, he is a man at peak physical shape. Working out, eating the right diet for optimum health as he does, will not stop his genetics. Just like the old wives’ tale of wearing a hat makes one go bald, how you eat will not halt your hair thinning. Surely, the better we eat and take care of ourselves the better our body and yes, even hair responds, or stays responsive longer. But no, increasing your intake of green leafy veggies won’t stop you going bald.

Luckily, the technology exists presently that no man or woman need suffer from thinning hair. Guci Image employs this technology in state-of-the-art techniques, with the very best hair loss stylists and only the most up-to-date materials. You should not trust this most intimate of concerns to anything but the very best in the field. And Guci Image provides the very best.

D.B., if you need, give us all call.


photo by Charisse Kenion


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