The Technician Behind the Hair You Wear

The Technician Behind the Hair You Wear

This week a tribute went out across the blog universe for Nickole Jones. Nickole was the hairstylist on the popular sitcom Young Sheldon. She was equally young, dying at the age she died 45 this week of cancer. Jones had been nominated for her hair work on the show Big Little Lies and was making present professional strides for her expert and creative hairstyling on the popular Big Bang Theory spin-off.

At Guci Image, we consistently champion and consider the experts who come to attend you for your monthly cut-ins, hair coloring, and fittings; our technicians. More than what the everyday stylist manages, even the experts who make their living on celebrity and TV stars’ hair, working the cut, color, and fitting for consistent undetectable hair wearing takes a specific talent and skill most hairstylists do not have.

The specific scientific process involved when outfitting a man or woman for hair does not end when their CTR unit, hair transplant, or wig is created or begun. As we caution all the time, it is as much the responsibility of our Paramus hair wear salon customer to keep to regular appointments and to a personal heathy hair care regiment as it is for our technician to develop a relationship with that customer. Then the technician can advise on cuts, color, and styling as attending to the natural aging of the hair a client wears…so it looks natural for as long as they wear it.

For those who wear hair, it usually comes down to a handful of close friends, lovers, and confidants that even know about our hair units, wigs, and extensions. Letting someone into your confidence about the hair you wear is as intimate as trusting that hair to the one person who sees it from every angle and works hard to make sure you look your best.

Your Guci Image Hair technician.

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