The Hair We Wear Keeps Advancing

The Hair We Wear Keeps Advancing

As the latest round of controversy rages between the vaccinated and anti-vaxxers; as The Foo Fighters face off against the likes of Van Morrison; as Jon Stewart has pointed fun on his recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (see here); and as we can or cannot attend Bruce Springsteen’s latest Broadway foray, excuse us if we don’t jump into the debate, save to say that during the pandemic and in this new normal world we will endeavor to keep our hair wear clients of Northern NJ as safe as we can. Still, one fact of life is unarguable; science moves the world forward.

It certainly has where hair restoration and hair replacement are concerned.

From topical solutions to advances in materials used. To treating hair thinning with laser light applications and considering a whole host of vitamins to strengthen one’s overall health. To giving our male and female customers consistently updated options for both hair restoration and hair replacement. To addressing all the different ways (and reason) why someone’s hair might begin to thin. All these concerns and more come under the purview of experiments, research, taking ideas out of the lab and making them real; in a word, it’s all good old science.

Fortunately, by the time all the experimenting and theorems have been tested, we can safely present all the good science with what Guci Image offers.

As surely as we present the very latest (and best) to New Jersey men and women battling baldness, even now, something new (and better) is being researched and tested by hair restoration researchers. And very soon, we will be able to present these advances as another of the many services our NJ hair restoration salon offers.

Again, one fact of life is unarguable; science moves the world forward. And we are all so lucky it does.

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