The Natural Look In Paris…and For You?

The Natural Look In Paris…and For You?

If it happens during Paris Fashion Week then it’s got to be fashionable, right? Well it seems the ‘in’ do at the Fashion Weeks that occured in “the city of lights” (Fashion Weeks have just happened in Milan, London and NYC) showed models with do nothing hair styles, what is being called the ‘natural look.’

Hair designers Sam McKnight and Guido Palau did very little for models of Dries Van Noten and Christian Dior respectively, though they admitted using high-end products that make things look as if hair hadn’t been touched….we all know full well about good product, don’t we. But the point is, is the natural look now in, the blow-out out? Is this good hair fashion news for those of us who wear hair?

Natural looking cuts, color and style is always what Guci Image strives for. But whether a lot or little product is used, ‘going natural,’ letting your locks air dry or having them styled fits you best, this is a question better let for you and your stylist. But whether you’re wearing a CTR unit or extensions you do need to care for your hair, no matter how you wear it…naturally or not.

As much as most of us can’t afford to keep up with all that couture that shows up at Fashion Weeks, we can’t all take-or leave-the hair styles we see as well. Natural or not, what works for people who do not wear hair can often be a great grand difference then what works for us that do. 

But we will keep you in fashion, in good looks and high confidence, this you can count on from Guci Image no matter what kind of hair you are wearing.
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