Hair, Face, Body: The How Much Is Too Much Of Looking Good?

Hair, Face, Body: The How Much Is Too Much Of Looking Good?

Far be it for a hair restoration salon to damn anyone’s need to want to look their best through augmentation. But there comes a point when one needs to consider if putting themselves in danger might be risking just too much to look good. In publicity he no doubt courts, the celebrated “human Ken doll” (a moniker he relishes) Justin Jedlica revealed surgery he recently underwent wherein he had three veins removed in his forehead. The procedure to smooth out offending veins Justin simply could not stand to see any longer risked blindness for the man as the surgeons had to go inside his eyelids to burn those veins off.

All went fine though, J.J.’s head is smooth. The man also recently underwent successful surgery for back implants that would make it look like, as he says, he has “wings on my back” in another attempt to recreate the famous male Mattel Doll image.

Again, all these surgeries, risky or not, are Jedlica’s decisions and we champion the young man’s right to pursue whatever he likes. But in trying to restore your confidence (and hair line), adding to your thinning hair or helping to bring your scalp to optimum health, nothing Guci Image does is dangerous. In fact, our methods are scientifically refined and tested until all possibilities have been double checked and we are assured a procedure or product is completely safe. Our various attachment methods, Low Laser Light Treatments, to every piece of material or system run no risk at all to our clients whatsoever.

The Guci Image client, male or female, whether bald or simply thinning, needing extensions, a CTR unit or maybe some scalp stimulation, is not chasing an ideal to resemble a doll. We ever encounter people wanting to bolster their confidence, wanting to feel a smidgen more youthful and wanting to get some hair back safely with a repudiated northern New Jersey salon with an impeccable reputation.

This is what you will find at Guci Image.


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