Here Comes The ‘Bob’ For Summer…Should We Care?

Here Comes The ‘Bob’ For Summer…Should We Care?

As you see here, Glamour Magazine has already picked the haircut trend for women for summer 2021. It may be that with the lockdown easing, people who have not attended to haircuts and coloring just want a severe trim, or maybe the most recent season of the popular Netflix show “The Crown” is inspiring customers and salons. But as happens every season, a style or cut seems to get ahead of all others…and then the season plays out, and we see how genuinely prescient all the prognosticating was.

A hair restoration salon is pretty much immune to these predictions or should be. With our salon in one of the most heavily populated areas of the U.S., a mere jump across the river from NYC, we feel the influence of all the latest styles and fashions. But as has always been the case in our northern N.J. salon, no matter the season or trend, the Guci Image technician works by a different set of criteria when it comes to considering hairstyles for their clients.

Even when a client might be pushing for something new, now and wow.

This hair ‘bob’ trend will come and go. Next summer—maybe even by the end of this one—Glamour and its competitors could very well be considering other cuts and styles. And we all know how quickly styles, new and old both, are considered these days. Here one day, gone the next, things stick around about as long as it takes to post a new tweet. A hair replacement salon cannot afford to be so capricious.

The highly-trained Gucci Image hairstylist who works on your specific hair needs—cut-ins, month services, coloring—would only ever advise on a hairstyle that best suits the hair you wear. Functionality (in our case, the best, most natural way the hair you wear looks on you) fuels form for us, despite what is supposedly trending.

Let them have their bobs.

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