You’re Not Trending, But That’s A Good Thing

You’re Not Trending, But That’s A Good Thing

There is color, and then there is color. According to this Popsugar article published today, the “Checkered” hair color trend is the next big new thing.

As PS reminds us, the live-action “Cruella” movie from last year seemed to get celebrities like Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani, as it did everyday guys and gals to start striping their locks with white. It seems that the checkered coloring trend, an extension from this trend, is all the rage for this spring. A combination of color-blocking and ‘half-and-half’ trending, with checkering, hair is dyed in formal stripes that include multiple shades, not just white.

And once again, we are into another color trend.

Elite Daily had this to say about a seemingly new way one could wear their hair, noticing influencer Charli D’Amelio and her “zigzagged middle part.” It’s taken us all years to be happy with how even we managed to get our part, and now one seemingly doesn’t have to worry about symmetry?

Lastly, it seems a combination of two of the most popular trends of the year so far, the ‘bounce blowout’ and the ‘classic bob,’ are coming together as a see-and-be scene style for the foreseeable future. It took no time at all really for the two to morph into wholly something new.

Which is the way of modern trending, of course.

It’s not that we mock all of the above or any other trend. On the contrary, a modern hair replacement salon that ignores trends and current styles does so at its peril. But we can’t sacrifice a new cut, color, or even how one is supposed to manage their part in a way that could lead to your extensions or hair unit looking any less natural than it usually does.

And frankly, we won’t, no matter how many Popsugar posts you show us.

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