Is Tom Brady Hiding Just Like You?

Is Tom Brady Hiding Just Like You?

This week sport superstar Tom Brady received a bunch of teasing twitter tweaking over his wearing of a big hat to his team’s preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Arguably the wide-brim hat might not have been the very best fashion statement, but it garnered lots of attention for the six-time Super Bowl Q.B. Not that Tom Brady is worrying over balding, but for men (and even women) with thinning hair a hat can become a very big part of life’s equation.

There is no evidence to prove the old wives’ tale that wearing a hat too much will lead to baldness. But what has been proved is that many a Guci Image client, prior to becoming a Guci Image client, has sported a baseball cap or some other head covering as a regular fashion accessory. In fact, the hat conundrum can even deepen after a client starts to come to us for regular service.

It’s really a question of what one knows before wearing hair and the slow building of confidence that occurs after a man or woman becomes a regular visitor to our northern N.J. hair replacement salon. For balding men and woman, it’s not so easy to forgo their ultimate security totem…even after they are outfitted with state-of-the-art hair replacements. And while it is true that no amount of hat-wearing will lead to balding too much hat-wearing with CTR units or extensions, could see undue wear (mostly entanglement) to lots of the hard work we do for you here at Guci Image.

As a Guci Image hair replacment client, you begin your way back to a life free of your hats and scarfs…but only you can make the break from what you knew before to a full life with a full head of hair you have before you.

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