Following Kelsey Lu?

Following Kelsey Lu?

Keeping up with styles, haircuts, and trends is a full-time pursuit. Even with a quick daily flick across Twitter or Instagram, one can’t rightly ignore how much is out there. Contending with what a north NJ hair replacement client might want of what they see, and more importantly, what is indeed possible is one of the challenges Guci Image comes to every day, as the world consistently impresses its influence. Having just seen the new Kelsey Lu video for her remake of 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love,” one wonders, are braids now going to be what everybody is going to want to wear?

Remaking a classic 70’s love song, pretty much sounding in this version as the original does (at least in the song’s production) the most unique element Lu brings to the song is the body-long braid she sports in the songs video, At times lying with the intricately wrapped braid wrapped around her naked body, other times swirling her head to sway it this way and that, what Lu’s hair stylist Tanya Melendez created here for the vocalist/cellist is undoubtedly the star of the video.

Even with the video’s horror conclusion, one can’t look away from the braid.

Video, pictures, one-off party styling is one thing, but our clients must consider the hair they wear full time. As our many blogs about this attest, it is one thing to be influenced by our culture, but quite another to seamlessly wear a hairstyle regularly with hair that is, quite frankly, not your natural hair. And lastly, to call attention to once specific aspect of your hair…this can be quite counterproductive to attempting to wear hair undetected.

Kelsey Lu’s braid is stunning. Her video is gaining lots of views. But in the end, we know tomorrow, or the next day at the latest there will be a new hair trend making the news. Undoubtedly, some can be incorporated with what your Guci Image technician does for you; others might influence the cut and color of the next CTR unit you order. You might even take to fixing your extension in a braid a time or two. But none of us are as free as Kelsey Lu.

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