Exploring The Options Of Guci Image Hair Regrowth

Exploring The Options Of Guci Image Hair Regrowth

It’s no wonder that most new Guci Image clients walk into our N.J. hair salon with lots of questions. First and foremost, the men and women who come to see us want to be assured that we can do what we claim…make them look years younger, restore their confidence, and provide them with a hair wear solution that’s all but undetectable. They also want assurances of our reputation and client reviews. Lastly, they want options.

And we are proud to have plenty of hair replacement and regrowth options to show them.

When it comes to hair regrowth specifically, for men and women both, two of our outstanding procedures have proven to be among the most effective currently on the market. First is out needle-less mesotherapy treatment, EPM. This most recent technology from Barcelona, Spain, uses electroporation energy and transdermal delivery to increase the absorption of applied hair loss ingredients into the deep scalp. EPM is non-invasive and pain-free.

But most all, it’s proven to work.

Then there is our Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT for short).

Laser light can penetrate deeply into scalp tissue, stimulating blood circulation, the metabolism of cells as well as aid in protein synthesis. Regular laser light therapy (safe and painless as it is) can strengthen and regenerate hair roots. This procedure is also known to impede further hair loss and help repair damage to one’s hair caused by processes and chemicals used in coloring and perming.

Guci Image has been the leader in this technique for years.

It’s vital that hair loss clients have the most facts they can gather at their fingertips. It’s only when weighing through all the hair replacement and hair regrowth possibilities that a client can truly make an informed decision for their future with our Paramus, N.J. hair restoration salon and their hair in general. And while there are so many hair regrowth and replacement options to search across the net, time and again, men and women come to Guci Image for their needs.

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