Hollywood vs. Paramus

It is the prevue of movie stars to change their look (it’s almost a prerequisite for attempting to mine continued popularity) or throw supposed tantrums. In the relatively staid North New Jersey environs where Guci Image is located, far away from the trappings of Hollywood, it’s hard to understand what stars and media celebrities go through, but one must be sympathetic…especially when it comes to hair concerns.
Two ladies of extremely popular broadcast network shows (both ending soon) Ariel Winter and Mayim Bialik revealed drastically new hair this week. Claiming inspiration from Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid, Winter went out and about in her new fiery red locks. Bialik cut her hair into a curly bob. Is the fact that with both stars’ shows soon ending (“Modern Family” for Winter, “The Big Bang Theory” for Bialik) they felt a need for a change in cuts and color?
Not all was well this week for celebrities and their hair. Blac Chyna had a supposed confrontation with her stylist over payment. There are reports of the stylist throwing soda cans at Chyna’s car when the lady stomped from Chyna’s house, after reports of Chyna brandishing a knife during the argument.

We assure you a nice calm visit to the Guci Image salon and long consideration of any changes to cut and color for your any of the hair that you wear. Often reporting here on new techniques, considering these celebrity and trends, expounding on the mindset needed to wear (and fully enjoy) a CTR unit or extensions we don’t give so much ink to the specifics of our Guci Paramus location. But at Guci Image, we have created a safe haven for our clients to explore all their possible hair options and to keep exploring as their sensibilities mature and the styles around them change.

Who needs Hollywood?