An American Dream

An American Dream

Here at Guci Image, we like to think the distinction we have as Northern New Jersey’s best hair replacement salon is well earned and well known. But we know, being as close to New York City as we are, there are many options for men and women seeking hair replacement in the New Jersey area as there are plenty of other places, people, and things that distinguishes this area we are so proud our salon is in.

For instance, and particular to our area this week, MSN reports here on the brand new, “Nickelodeon Universe,” theme park, opening on October 25th at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey. East Rutherford happens to be a mere hop, skip, and a you-know-what from the Guci Image offices in Paramus, NJ. Seeing as plenty of our clients are parents, we are sure lots of Guci Image customers will have occasion to stop by American Dream mall and avail themselves of the park, which is a sprawling 8.5 acres. It also happens to be the largest indoor theme park in North America.
The Nickelodeon Universe boasts over thirty-five rides and a “Shellraiser,” rollercoaster that sports a hair-raising (real hair or bought hair) 122-foot drop. The American Dream mall’s retail area will not be open until March 2020.

New Jersians know well the storied history of this complex for the past sixteen years of its existence.

Sure, we want to keep you updated on Guci Image concerns, like hair extension technology and the good and bad of style, cut, and color to the hair you wear. It is our business first and foremost to attend to the confidence and overall best (and undetectable) hair styles for our clients. But Guci Image is proud of our New Jersey roots and ever proud of those places, people, and things that make this section of the country unique…and fun.

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