A New Look For Taylor Swift…And You?

Time and again we have said that it is indeed a woman’s prerogative to change her mind about her hair style, cut and color. It is also an option for men who come to us for their ‘wear hair’ needs. And it seems daily ‘fashion’ for celebrities with much more facility (time and money) then us all to ‘change-up’ their look. Especially when that celebrity is Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift has been pretty much making every magazine cover and Internet story since the release of her latest album “1989” and the hit song from it, “Shake It Off.”

In what’s being called a new look for the country/pop star, Ms. Swift is sporting the ‘wet-hair-brushed-off-her-pretty-face’ in an upcoming issue of Wonderland magazine. Swift seems tanner and her usual blonde locks darker in the magazine’s pictures (the thicker, darker look of her eyebrows have also been noticed and remarked over) in shots by Thomas Whiteside. The wet loose lock look T.S. sports in the magazine is especially popular these days (and manageable with what Guci Image manages, just see your stylist about it) but one wonders, is this a one time look for Swift or a trend to a change for her…and will this trend prompt a change for you?

Being the top salon in the northern N.J. for the specific hair care that we manage, Guci Image will stick with your cut, style or color as long as you wish to have it (making ‘tweaking’ suggestions along the way of course) or help you find a new look. It doesn’t matter to us if you want to try something different a time or two and even switch back (though when wearing hair this isn’t accomplished as easily as Taylor Swift can manage it.) Whatever you want to do Guci Image is behind you…to stay the course, change-up, make small adjustments every other visit.